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Wednesday June 26 - I didn’t sleep great, but I definitely slept more than last night. It was hot, despite two fans. But at some point, the power went out and then the fans stopped. Not an emergency, but not as pleasant as it could have been. I actually drank a lot of water yesterday and had to wake up twice to pee, despite the sweating. The first time I woke up with a headache, and the second time I still had it so I took an advil, which did not do the job. I had the headache for most of the day but it did go in the end. I got out of bed around 6am and decided I would take the 8am bus with Caribe Tours to get to Samana rather than the 10am. ... read more
The way home
La Playita
La Playita

Just back from a 2 week getaway to escape one of the most unpleasant months of the year at Sauble...cold, high winds and no neighbours. Carolyn & Ken (family) had been to Cayo Levantado twice and recommended it...we agreed! Click on the first pic to see each one better.... read more
Dominican Getaway
The dock and main lobby
Huge room

The coach that took us from Cap Haitian, in Haiti, across the border to Santiago, in the Dominican Republic, was the newest and shiniest vehicle we had seen in Haiti. It seemed out of place. But it is amazing what a change there can be, just driving across a border. All we did was cross a river ... well, that and be searched, photographed and fingerprinted. It is as if we drove from sub-Saharan Africa, across a river, and into Spain. Even the agriculture is different. In Haiti the farming was small scale, more like allotments and a lot of land was left unused. In the Dominican Republic there are larger farms - we see many fields of rice, bananas and tobacco. Tired after our seven hour coach journey to Santiago, we decided to eat in ... read more
Humpbacked whale
Wild orchids

On the last day of our stay in beautiful Samana, we hired a car with an English speaking guide to see the El Limon Waterfall which is only 25 kilometers (15 miles) from Samana town. Miguel the guide came to pick us up at our hotel at 9 in the morning. On the way we stopped briefly to have a look at part of the Los Haitises National Park which is a protected virgin forest, although we didn't enter it for lack of time. When we arrived at the place we saw a lot of ponies and mules with their handlers waiting for riders/customers. The waterfall itself is very secluded and accessible only by hiking (30 to 45 minutes) or by horseback riding (15-20 minutes). There is a restaurant located right at the entrance of the ... read more
Samana, Dominican Republic
Samana, Dominican Republic
Samana, Dominican Republic

While making our travel plans to visit the Dominican Republic, we booked this tour with Whale Samana managed by Kim Bedall, as it was a unique opportunity to observe humpback whales in their natural environment. We were not disappointed at all. So, on Valentine's Day 2014 we sailed out of the boat pier in Samana on the "Pura Mia" a specially designed whale watch vessel with about 55 enthusiastic people all eager to see the whales in their calving and mating grounds. Kim and a Marine Mammal Specialist accompanied us and gave an excellent live narration throughout the voyage in three different languages, English, Spanish and German. The boat itself was a 55 foot double decker with two modern restrooms and a snack bar. There was plenty of space to move around, and to get a ... read more
Samana, Dominican Republic
Samana, Dominican Republic
Samana, Dominican Republic

"The next day we went on a boat ride to see caves. It was a long ride but we saw birds and the beautiful view. The first cave we took tons of pictures. Sean lied and said there were bats but there wasn't. It was fun standing on rocks and posing for pictures. To get to the next cave my dad spotted a crab but I did not see it. Ahhh. We went to the second cave we stopped off at a little beach to eat our snacks and to put our feet in the water. We saw clams and tiny fish in the water. It was cool. After everyone agreed to go in the cave, we went into the cave. My dad gave me a little light so we could see. We went through different ... read more
Me, Luna, Iliana, and Tatiana
Cueva de la Linea
Small Beach near Samana

"On the first day we went on a plane to go to the Dominican Republic. It was a long flight. But then, the ride to get to the apartment was longer. When we were in the car it was such a long ride that I even counted the cars that passed by. I go all the way to 509. Whoa. Then when we got to the apartment I saw my friends - Luna, Tati, and Le-Le. We had bunk beds woo-hoo, I was on the top bunk. We mostly just played on the ipad that night. The next day we went to the beach. The salt hurt my eyes and throat. But then we went to the Rio Frio and it was cold but I liked it because I like being cold. It was not salt ... read more
Jumping with Tatiana
Swinging Playa Rincon
Jumpin with Iliana and Luna

I found Las Galeras on the Samana Peninsula of the Dominican Republic to be a great location to land for a week and de-stress during our spring break. The beaches there are amazing and not crowded and you can get around the area without needing a car. In fact, most of your transportation will be by boat if you are going mostly for the beaches. Having never been to the Caribbean I didn’t know exactly what to expect, however I found many similarities (and some interesting differences) from my other travels in Latin America. After doing a bit of homework and talking with a friend who had spent some time in the DR I think I made the right choice of where to go. During my first full day in the country I met a couple ... read more
Las Galeras Bay
Humpback Whales in Las Galeras Bay
Playa Fronton

Samana, Dominican Republic I awoke to a cloudy sky. By 10 am the when the tour started it was pouring. The rain stopped as we boarded the tender. At the pier our group boarded the catamaran and Wellington, our guide promised sunshine in a half hour. Evidently he has a long line to the weather god as the sun came our and we had a beautiful day. We sailed along the coast and Wellington pointed out the various resorts and small villages that line the coast. Fishing and farming along with tourism are the main economic activities. DR also fosters and trains promising young baseball talents and the major leagues have profited. We sailed/motored to a small offshore island. I was second into the warm water and headed to the rocky shore. The bottom was mostly ... read more

Turks and Caicos … NOT We had a surprise sea day. The winds were so strong that the Captain decided not to try to navigate the narrows. There was no way we could dock and a tendering operation was out of the question. The winds would not let the ship to maintain a safe position away from the reefs. Headed for the aft pool, found a lounge chair and read for about an hour. Then a do it yourself taco, nacho lunch and a restful time in the shade on the Promenade Deck and decided it was time for a nap. Found the message light on and needed to see the Front Desk. Straightened out a credit card problem, returned for my nap and had a message that the casino would be running a Hold ‘em ... read more

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