Knowing Curacao

Published: June 29th 2017
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Three years ago my wife, my son and I traveled to the Island of curacao, it was very fascinating. We visited my wife's aunt who lives there. We met many sites in La Isala; We went to kenepa beach, this is one of the most popular beaches on the island. Its waters are incredibly crystalline. We could see the fish in the water. The waters of these beaches are calm and clean as a crystal.

We also visited the cave of the herd. I was really pleasantly surprised , this is an enormous and beautiful limestone cave system, They are very well lit.

We visited the suspension bridge every night. This is a bridge over some boats and is removed when passing the Giant boats. Curasao is a very beautiful island its inhabitants are very cordial. The language of curasao is papiamento but many people speak English, German and Spanish.


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