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June 12th 2016
Published: June 12th 2016
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Well we found internet, but still no cameras. However, I have a strategy - when we see obvious tourists, we ask them to take our photo and to email it to us when they return to their respective homes... we will see how that pans out.

Stats to date:

-approximately 400 KM covered

-approximately 10 pizzas/each consumed

-lots of local music under the night skies

-lots of soda (super weird because I hate soda at home)

-score on flats 4(Alyssa):0(Andrew)

-score of crib games 4(Andrew):0(Alyssa) - so wrong!

That's about it. It's hot, the food is edible, the towns and rolling countryside spectacular and the people incredibly friendly and welcoming.

Oh and sorry Janna - happy birthday yesterday!

Alyssa and Andrew


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