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April 28th 2016
Published: May 24th 2016
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I am still not 100% from the cold ass weather in Amsterdam. Feels like a slight cold. Soooooo I know the drinking didn’t help, but I had a hard time getting out of bed. But my time is so limited I carried on and got up to catch a classic car to the beach. Playa Ancon is the name, clear blue waters is the game. I had a great time lounging in the sun like a lizard basking on a rock and some Cuban who lives in Miami bought me a beer cuz he stole my chair. Lol. I took a walk down the beach and ran into an Israeli dude and his Belarus girlfriend of whom which we shared the car from Habana. Woa!!! Cooool!!!! We had a fresh coconut with the top lopped off and a big slug of rum thrown in for good measure with a mini cohiba (cigar) to celebrate our enjoyment of everything Cuban!!! So great!!! I really like this place. Haven’t had too many bad experiences, maybe the occasional overcharging or overpromising, but nothing bad like Egypt that is for sure. Oh! I forgot to mention the lady running this casa particular saw I wear a lot of bracelets and she was like, “oh!!!! I have something for you!!!” and she gave me a Cuban bracelet! Hahaha awesome!!! After getting a little crispy on the beach, not burned, but quite dark I decided to head back to town and snap some shots of the colorful buildings and shops. I was still tired from everything so I hired a bike taxi to drive me around the historical center and stop when I wanted to take a pic. Fun! Afterwards I had a street snack of a pulled pork sammy and then some churros with sweetened condensed milk and sugar. Yum! I washed it down with two beers at the Casa de Cervesa. I thought this would be my heaven. A beer bar in Cuba?!?!? Man this place rules! Buuuuut they only had 3 kinds of beer. One of which is from Holland. Lolol. Oh well. Back to the room to pack my things and rest up. I will return to Habana manana with the intentions of finding a tattoo shop and trying to bang out some of this newspaper article about Cuban viewpoints. So much fun…hehehe

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