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December 27th 2010
Published: June 26th 2017
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Today we spent the day relaxing. Philip had work to do on the computer so Erin and I explored the resort some more. We spent time on the beach and had lunch at the snack bar (hamburgers and pizza) followed by dessert in the regular restaurant. We planned to do a couple of things from the list of daily activities, but we just never made it. I forgot about going to the decorative towel folding lesson--I guess we were "busy" watching the waves. Then Erin and I were going to go to the song trivia contest, but at first we couldn't find it, and then it seemed to be all Spanish language songs that we didn't know. We found the Fruit Bar instead. I waited in line there to order while Erin went back for more pizza. The woman at the fruit bar was serving sno-cones, I think. It was crushed ice, with sweet red syrup poured on first, followed by a sprinkling of something white and powdery that may have been malt, and topped with a dollop of a sweet white liquid, that I think was condensed milk. She gave us both a spoon and a straw. It tasted pretty good, but I'm still not sure what it was.

Shaun and Yvette went into Puntarenas and took the ferry across to the peninsula for a visit to another beach.

For dinner we went to the specialty seafood restaurant on the resort. This was the only sit-down-and-order meal we've had at the resort and a welcome treat. I don't really like buffets all that much. Instead of a salad bar, they had a ceviche bar, so we could try several kinds. Philip and Shaun both ordered octopus for dinner, because, I suppose, you can't get that at home. We're ending the evening early.

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Tree with coconuts right above our tableTree with coconuts right above our table
Tree with coconuts right above our table

Are these coconuts ripe enough to fall on us?

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