One week to go!!!!

Published: May 28th 2005
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My former house in DCMy former house in DCMy former house in DC

I'll miss this great house in DC. Was fun!
One week to go!!!
Okay, a week from today, Saturday, I'm heading to Costa Rica! By this time next Saturday I'll be sitting on a hammock in front of the B&B I'll own a few days later. Check it out and email me if you want to stay, it's great!

Where did the time go?!? I'm very excited though. Not really apprehensive though. Why would I be? I'm moving to a new city for the first time in 15 years. I'm moving to a foreign country that could be considered third-world (though at the very high end) and I don't speak the language--yet. I've bought a business I've never run before so I have no idea what my income stream will be like in future months and years. So, what's there to be apprehensive about!? :-)

I'm not so apprehensive I think. I just love new adventures and seeing new places...but living there?!?! What the hell was I thinking!?!? Nah, it'll be fine. But I tell you this, I am NOT moving again!! I hate packing up stuff and it's especially a pain in the arse when moving overseas! But the movers came, carted my stuff away

But I won't miss the snow!!
and now I'm down to just unloading my truck, paying some bills off and turning off one or two of the remaining utilites--goodbye AOL--AOHell!! Yah!

Though I'm leaving Saturday I'm BUSY until them. A dinner on Sunday night, a Memorial Day party on Monday, a dinner on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, saying goodbye to friends Thursday night. Go to find some time to finish packing! I have started packing already though. I just have to throw a few more items in the suitcase--yea, three of them plus a carry-on bag and a computer bag--God, that's gonna suck trapsing through the airports!

Other than that, life is fine!! I've been planning this move for weeks so the first week I'm there I'm doing NOTHING but sleeping and relaxing--unless we have guests, well, then we'll have to do some work!

Okay, time for my first of like 6 dinners this weekend/week.

Be back once more before I'm in Central America! Hey, I can still say I live in America--just not NORTH America! LOL!

Pura Vida!


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Pacific Ocean Costa RicaPacific Ocean Costa Rica
Pacific Ocean Costa Rica

Soon I'll be spending lots of time here!

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