Moving to Costa Rica!

Published: May 2nd 2005
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View from my B&B in Costa RicaView from my B&B in Costa RicaView from my B&B in Costa Rica

It's called Angel Valley Farm. It's near San Ramon, just one short hour from San Jose. Come visit us! Email me at:!
Okay, this is my first entry in my new blog related to my move to Costa Rica. What to say!?? I'm not sure. Some details though:

1. I'm giving up corporate life and moving with a good friend to a town called San Ramon in Costa Rica. It's about 40 minutes north of the airport in San Jose.

2. We are going to run a B&B we're buying called "Angel Valley Farm." See it here:

3. It's a great place with rivers, hiking, horseback riding or just plaing relaxing.

4. Starting June 6, we'll have 4 rooms to rent and hopefully double that early next year.

5. So, email me for more information an come join in this beautiful location! Horseback riding, hiking, just relaxing and more!!

In future blogs I will talk more about my first days in Costa Rica, getting the B&B set up, and many more experiences. I'll also add pictures too!

Pura Vida!


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Gringo & AmigoGringo & Amigo
Gringo & Amigo

Come ride our friendly horses!
Angel Valley B&BAngel Valley B&B
Angel Valley B&B

Come visit us!! Email me at:

2nd May 2005

Andrew This will be a great chronicle of your life over the next few months. When you go through a change like this you always say, "I'm going to remember this." Now you can. I hope you keep it up. It will be fun to share your adventure from DC. - Jody
4th May 2005

Good luck
Enjoy the change. It takes a lot of courage to jump into something completely different. I'll be back often (to the site) to check out the latest that's going on. - Eric
14th June 2005

What are all these plants?
Andrew, So what are all these plants? 1. The stick looking trees about 3 ft tall near the fence with only leaves on top. 2. What's growing in the field? Corn? Hallucinigens? :-) 3. The taller bush in the upper left corner. - Ted
19th July 2005

Buena Suerte!
Andrew: Had no idea -- best of luck. Sounds like a hoot, except the part about the horses.
1st May 2006

I am about to graduate from College and I am trying to make it possible to start my life in Costa Rica. I have a couple of connections, but I am trying to make more. I have to figure out the job situation and I am not really sure how to go about doing it. I know it is hard to get a working Visa and I hear you have to start your own buisness if you are from the States. Any Advice???

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