Published: May 7th 2005
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Okay, so am NOT in Costa Rica yet. I'm just bored. I have about 25 days until I move to Costa Rica and I cannot wait!!! My house is sold, my boxes are packed and I've done a host of other things already! Even bought the plane tickets.

So, what's next?

Visit with family before I leave, have a few "going away parties" and then hit the road (or the air that is!).

So, what after that?

Well, I'll arrive in Costa Rica, me, my friend/partner-in-crime Beth, and her dog Lindy on Saturday June 4. From there, we'll head right to the B&B and spend a few nights as "guests" before we "close" on the place and it's ours!

"And then?," you ask.

Well, I plan to SLEEP for a week and THEN we'll start re-doing the place, setting up the web site, doing marketing and so on, just in time for the winter 2005/06! Hopefully, we'll be busy!

And for now.......



8th May 2005

Living the dream
First of all, WOW !!! So you're one of these legendary employees who finally dumped their nine to five jobs for a quiet life in what used to be a 'holiday destination', but now your home... I'm just curious, how did you come to it? Why this new challenging life? Why Costa rica ? good luck with your guest house and living the dream !
10th May 2005

Thanks Tcharly for your comment
First thanks for your comments! To answer your questions, I "came to it" because I was involved in the travel industry for many years and have always loved Costa Rica. So I thought I'd settle down there. Yes, this new life will be challenging but a couple of factors: 1.) I won't have to answer to anyone but myself, 2.) I can make of it what I want to, 3.) I'll be living in a beautiful country and much more cheaply than in the U.S., and finally, 4.) I don't like what is going on in the U.S. politically! Thanks again and keep checking back! Andrew

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