Hanging in the jungle

Published: February 4th 2012
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Well, I´m shattered but having an amazing time. Been here nearly 2 weeks now and have done so much. There are about 33 volunteer managers here at Raleigh Costa Rica and we are all getting on really well. Most people are aged between 24-30 and all have interesting lives and stories to share.

Our field base is in a beautiful area at the base of another active volcano but apparently we would not be hit if it erupted... Living is basic but we are being fed well and have WIFI so I am pretty happy!

We spent the first couple of days having training on how to use radios, teamwork and other things. Then we went trekking for a few days and spent one night camping and one night in hammocks in the jungle. Of course it rained that night though we are assured it is in fact the dry season at the moment.

We returned from camp and found out our allocations for our first phase. Myself and two other girls are off to Nicaragua to a community called San Jose in Minaflores nature reserve where we will build a community centre. We travelled to Nicaragua for 5 days to see our community. The travelling took 4 out of the 5 days and we only were with the community for less than a day. It is a remote community in northern Nicaragua. The people were kind and offered us lots of home grown coffee. Unfortunately they drink it very sweet so I will need to get used to that, and brush my teeth often. The houses are basic, some with no doors and livestock wandering through! We spent the night in the same room as our family with 3 of us in one bed. Hoping that the sleeping arrangements will improve on our return. The community centre we will build is situated on a hill so we will need to do a lot of digging in the beginning. At least we have a local watering hole to chill off in at the end of the day. We have the venturers arrive next week and then we will head back to Nicaragua, 14 of us this time for another 20 days.

Today we had our first and only day off. We went white water rafting. It was a lot tamer than the Zambezi. It was a good day.

I am off for a hopefully good nights sleep! Much Love xxx


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