1. week in CR

Published: March 8th 2016
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When I arrived in San José at 6am it was nice and warm, I took the bus to the center, the taxi to the hostel and went straight to the university because I missed friday, when they organised everything.

So I got there, got lots of papers for the visa and for the immatriculation. Back at the hostel I fall asleep. Somewhere inbetween home and San José I ate something wrong..

San Pedro, the part where the "U" University is located, is not very nice. Many american shops, malls and restaurants - nothing green. However, the campus inbetween is beautyful. Lots of palmtrees, bambus and nice places to sit.

Tuesday night I got invited to a birthday of one of the exchange students, so I first met all the other students from all over the world. America, Germany, Chile, Mexico, France, Spain, China, ....

Well, I realized that my Spanish is aweful and I need to practice alot. Untill thursday I was busy with writing E-mails for the visa, my clases and a room in San José.

Friday morning everything was done. I nearly have the Visum now, I will visit 4 clases (always tuesday and wednesday) and at the 23th of March I will move in a room in the Casa Mundo, a house with 12 other students.

So then I visited the center of San José with Aroa, a girl from Spain - the center is a lot more beautyful than San Pedro.

For the weekende I booked a hostel at Jacó, the closest beach to San José. From here you can take buses to everywhere. It takes a while but it worked. So friday, 3h later I arrived in Jacó. The hostel was amazing - with a pool and right next to the beach.

When I was sitting at the beach, taking the first swim and watching the sunset I finally felt like I arrived. The other day arrived Aroa, I went for the first surf - it is still a lot harder than it looks, got awfully sunburnt and went out for the first party.

Jacó is completly in american hands, you can see and feel it everywhere. But its still a nice place to be.

So, this was the first week in Costa Rica. I am back in San José

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