2. week in CR - the Carribean

Published: March 16th 2016
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The second week was pretty exciting. The first week of University was a big party. Free concerts all over the campus - e.g. "Malpais" or a Salsa night. After literally 10s everyone was dancing! Then I had the first classes - at the end mainly instructions and information about the courses. It seems, like there will be a lot to do during the semester, but actually pretty nice projects. I did not understand that much, but the Ticos in the class (I'm the only exchange student) helped a lot.

For the weekend the whole group of exchange students went to Puerto Viejo, which is at the Caribbean coast. My weekend starts on Thursday, that why we (Aroa and me) left a little earlier and arrived Thursday afternoon in Puerto Viejo in a huge hostel named Rocking J's. We enjoyed the last hours of sun at Playa Cocles and had a great party night with the staff. The other day we rented bikes and went to Manzanillo. The day started with crazy horses, went on with amazing beaches, lots of palm trees and a pipa (coconut) in the forest. We saw the first monkeys! At a lookout I got

the carribean coast is full of plantations.
soaked by a wave and a bird chew me out.

In the evening the exchange group arrived and the night was like the other, in a hostel like this there is not much talk about sleep. On Saturday we spent have the day waiting for decisions, but it was raining anyway. Finally, we arrived at Punta Uva, a beach between Puerto Viejo and Manzanillo, did a scary walk to a lookout. Scary, because of the rain everything was slippery and there were cliffs. Everyone returned save to the beach and we had dinner in Manzanillo.

Sunday we left that lovely place and went to Cahuita, 20km north. There we spent two hours at the NP Cahuita and saw again monkeys, some kind of blue and red crabs and a coon (Waschbär).

On Monday Aroa and I walked the whole track through the NP. It was amazing! Beaches like paradise, a natural forest and so many animals. I saw three coons fighting with monkeys and while Aroa tried to take a picture of a monkey, he attacked her looking for food, a minute later it was my turn. :P

Then it was time to go back to San José, 5h with the bus.

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One horse hunted the other till it jumped over the fence

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