getting lost in costa sucks

Published: June 17th 2010
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Well I woke up this morning @5am to set out on my bus adventure back up to monteverde, I am in San Jose, go figure. I thought that there was a bus to monteverde from santa cruz. Not so much unless you want to get off at the most remote location in the world and the bus driver tell you that the next bus may or may not come..on top of that it is a very dangerous place for I stayed on the bus 5hrs later I am back in the slums of san Jose. But I did book my bungee jumping for tomorrow..the old colorado bridge is where I am jumping. Highest jump in the americas. On the top 10 I believe for highest in the world. Other then that not much to share except take the bus from tamarindo to either tiliran or further north.. hopefully I will catch the correct on tomorrow and end up in manuel antonio again so I can head to dominical.


21st June 2010

el steel cojones
Nope! See that's the type of stuff I'm talkin about, B! Black people don't jump off bridges sober...and we damn sho don't pay people to let us do it! Props to you and your titanium nuts, but, for Big T.

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