bungee and adrenaline


So I got into San Jose last night aftwe getting lost on the damn bus. I booked my bungee jump this morning. Got picked up @ around 750am...the dude drove me to another town where we reached the old colorado bridge. it is about 300 to 280 feet tall, you got about a 200 ft free fall before the rope snaps back on you. Well I get there and I am the only on there. The guy said that it was to early for the crowd. But he lead me out to the bridge and started to strap me up. there was a small waist harness and then these two heavy duty anklestraps which is where my bungee was attached to. The waist harness was attached to the ankles, as a back up incase the ankles gave way.

IN broken english the guy told me how to jump and what to do on the hoist back up. He had me step to the edge and counted down from five which sounded like russian as broken as he was speaking...but I understood. once he got to 1 I extended my arms gave a wave to the camera and leaped...below me was a small river with rocks sticking up and about 4 feet of water flowing through it. To say SPLAT would be an understatement if the rope failed...but I did anywayz, gotta love that rush. I bent my knees and jumped as far forward as I could..I had some really insightful saying as my last words but all I could squeeze out was a very manly screetch. at least thats what I keep telling myself. arms extended and now free falling to the earth every thought left my mind and I felt free, like nothing could touch me. wind passed through my fro┬┤d out hair. My eyes watered, and my stomach was about @ my feet. Then the rope tightened and I headed back upward. it was then, when I realized it...I scared the shit out of my self, only waY I knew that was a terd passed me as I was going up it was headed down...one can only assume I scared the shit out of myself.

Ok im kidding no terd but it was a rush. the sketchiest part was the way back up when they dangled this hook down for me to grab, which almost hit my head. good fun.

I headed back to the hostel and packed up. Caught what I thought was a taxi to the bus stop. This Rather large sketchy individual picked me up from the corner. I asked him how much in my broken spanish and we headed to the bus station...instead of the bus station we ended up in an alley about 5 blocks away, with building covered by razor wire, and what looked like the equivelant of the atlanta slums of costarica. The TAXI driver spouted out a few words and all I understood was gun and money and him reaching for my wallet...so handed him what I had and bailed...

Now I am back n manuel antonio to head toward dominical, I love this place....learning every day...night guys...sorry about the crazy typos im on a spanish keyboard


21st June 2010

If I'd have been there...
...we woulda got shot cuz i'd tried to whoop his ass. and once more the turd was a reiteration of the fact that I will not be jumping off of shit...for free and sober...

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