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Published: February 11th 2020
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As I mentioned earlier there was no glass in the windows of our room only screen, so when the Howler Monkeys became vocal in the morning, the noise was not muffled. They started in at 5 am which ended my sleep for the night. As it got lighter outside, I got dressed and decided to look for the monkeys. At the next building there were several people with cameras pointed to the trees. In the trees were monkeys, but they were Spider Monkeys not Howlers. I have no idea where the noisy ones went, but the Spider Monkeys were putting on a show as they ate on the fruit of the tree. In addition to the monkeys, birds were flying into the trees to eat as well. I was pleased to see Montezuma Oropendulas and Collared Aricaris in the tree.

After breakfast we once again climbed onto the boat to transfer back to our bus for the trip back to San Jose. Our trip back to the bus was slow due to low water. There are several several little communities along the river and there is even a "street sign" directing you on the right river for your destination. Once back to the transfer location, we boarded our bus back to the city. Lunch was again at the same location we had previously stopped at for breakfast. After lunch we took a few minutes to see what was lurking in the trees and bushes finding the sloth tucked tightly into the tree top and a tiny vine snake in a bush.

We continued on to San Jose and after a dinner of Papa John's pizza we met the 17 additional folks who were joining the tour. We Americans were now outnumbered by the Canadians.

Tomorrow we were headed to Arenal Volcano area.

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