Pacific Ocean beckons

Published: May 5th 2014
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I was sad to be leaving Monteverde the next day. I really loved the feel of the place, more remote and rural. Combined with the cooler temperature and great activities it was a winner for me. BUT the Pacific Ocean beckoned so we got on our bus for the 5 hour drive to Quepos and the Manuel Antonio National Park. Half way we stopped off for toilets and refreshments at a fruit bar place. Wow the heat really hit us as we stepped out of the mini bus. I had a wonderfully refreshing iced banana milkshake and then went to have a look at what was interesting people crowded on the road bridge looking down into the river below.

Wow, there below us lined up on the sandy banks of the river were 36 crocodiles! Some of them were huge beasts, some were skulking around in the water and some just sunning themselves, every so often opening their huge jaws wide showing rows of sharp teeth. On the other side of the bridge we saw some brave/stupid cows (take your pick!). Apparently there had been a crocodile farm nearby. When it went out of business the owner released the crocs into the river and they've been living there happily ever since.

We arrived in Quepos and had the usual whistle stop tour of the shops, ATMs, bus station, supermarkets, liquor stores and recommended restaurants before quickly checking into our hotel and heading for the beach on the public bus (285 colones or 31p!). After a spot of lunch at the beach side restaurant we left the boys watching a football match (yawn!) and sat ourselves on sunlougers under sunshades and spent a wonderful afternoon alternating reading and swimming. The water was lovely and warm but I'd underestimated the strength of the waves and had my sunglasses whipped off me as I was taken under one livelier wave. Argh another pair of sunglasses lost to the elements - this time a passing dolphin would have to make use of my shades oops! This was my second pair of the holiday so far - the first being dropped over the edge of one of the hanging bridges in La Fortuna! I picked up a replacement set of shades and vowed to be more careful with these ones. We had a wonderfully relaxing time at the beach and watched the sun go down before heading back on the bus to our hotel and another group meal together. I must have put on about half a stone this holiday - so much food!

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