Day 20: Manuel Antonio – Surf’s Up!

Published: July 28th 2017
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Today, Renata and I are going surfing with Dante’s Surf School. I always thought it would be cool to learn how to surf. However, I never realized just how difficult it would be. While trying to surf, I fell off my board numerous times, bruised my knee and twisted my ankle. I am glad, Renata and I decided to leave surfing as our last excursion in Costa Rica. I would not want to be walking around with a twisted ankle for the majority of our trip.

Although, I had great difficulty learning to surf, Renata had better luck. She able to stand up on the surf board for about 30 seconds. I really applaud her determination with learning to surf. She never gave up and looked like she was thoroughly enjoying herself. I, on the other hand, was all surfed out. Surfing was not for me. I would probably never try it again. Well, I guess it was an experience, nevertheless.

Tomorrow, we head to Alajuela for a day to unwind before our journey home.


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