Day 19: Manuel Antonio – Kayaking through mangroves

Published: July 28th 2017
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In the afternoon, we headed to the Damas Mangroves for our Kayak tour with Tucanes Tours. We drove past huge African Palm trees on our way to the Mangrove. Palm oil is one of the many exports of Costa Rica.

When we finally reached the Damas Mangroves, we were given life jackets and paddles. After a brief safety demonstration, we were off. On the tour, we learned about the different mangroves. The main three mangroves are the black, red and white mangroves. There were also mangroves that we saw that looked sort of like pineapples.

Although, Renata and I had difficulty maneuvering the kayak to avoid mangroves, we always seemed

to escape tight situations. It was an amazing experience and I would definitely do it again.

For dinner, we headed over to the local Falafel Bar in Manuel Antonio. I had a delicious pineapple mint smoothie and shawarma (a bit salty but good). Tomorrow, we are getting beginner surf lessons from Dante’s Surf School.


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