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Published: January 16th 2011
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After another sleepless night on Monday night I woke up went for my morning swim, ate some bread, packed up my life and departed my smelly little abode. I walked down to the 'bus station (nothing more than a shelter next to the beach) and waited for the bus. I ran into a lovely Dutch backpacker and the French Canadians, J.P and Cat. We were all headed to the same destination: Mal pais /Santa Teresa and each of us knew nothing about how to get there!
After waiting for half an hour we finally boarded the can I just say both the bus drivers and the buses themselves to an absolutely amazing job at getting passengers to their destinations safely. I mean the roads are shite! Extremely dusty and extremely bumpy but its all in good fun. We had to change buses in Caldera and board our bus to the beach. It took about an hour and what a long hour that was! It was super hot, super dusty and super bumpy but by lunch time I had arrived, found a hostel, made my bed and settled in to my new home for the next couple of days.
The beach in Mal pais is beautiful, it has amazingly soft sand, rocky sections and shade and its for this reason why it's probably one of my favourite beaches thus far. I could sit down at the beach for the entire day in the shade, swim when i felt like swimming, read when I felt like reading and I was completely covered from the sun.....perfect!!
I stayed in a pretty cool hostel, Tranquillo Backpackers. Free breakfast, nice dorms, about 20 hammocks! kitchen etc etc. The only thing that wasn't so cool was the too cool for school surfers who lived at the hostel. I don't know if its a world wide thing but some of these guys and girls (in particular) thought the sun shone out of you know where and they were god's gift!! But given my people's approach whilst travelling (I will wear everyone down, eventually everyone will like me!) by the second day I had made some really nice company and the surfers actually spoke about something other than surfing! shock horror!
I guess I don't blame them though, the whole Nicoya coast line is packed with surfers. It has some of the most consistent waves and lovely little towns in which to live when you're not out surfing the breaks. But there's an unspoken code in hostels....and that is be nice to others!! Or what's that age old saying 'treat others how you wish to be treated' I guess this shows that they didn't really care!
So as you've read I stayed in Malpais. Santa Teresa the next town along, about a 30-40minute walk on the beach. You can walk on the road but its not recommended....the dust is horrible.
Hmm what else, oh of course the sunset! It was one of the best I've seen (sorry Jaco!). I've never seen so many people surfing along one stretch of beach at sunset. Its amazing. Everywhere you look there are surfers and everywhere else you look there are the girlfriends of the surfers in all their glory. To all the guys out there, if you appreciate a beautiful woman come to the Nicoya coast and you won't be disappointed!

Tuesday night we decided to have a few drinks before heading out to D & N, a bar/pub that sits literally 20meters from the beach. It was latin night so a lot of fun was had dancing and laughing. The perfect way to spend my last night in Malpais.

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