four wheel driving fun with four frenchies!

Published: January 16th 2011
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It was time to leave Mal Pais. In my head I'd planned on making my way to Nosara but typical me I hadn't really thought about it too much and by the time I woke up the bus had already left. So i booked another night which at the time was totally depressing because I really wasn't that keen on staying.
The Quebeckers and French were leaving for Tamarindo and I was stuck in Mal Pais, not a huge disaster but enough to make me very frustrated! To distract myself I did some washing. It didn't really help. It may sound strange but I really couldn't be bothered making decisions that day. Life is tough I know. The biggest decision I would have had to make was what time I was going to go down to the beach. The hardest thing I was probably going to do was put sunscreen on my back. But I just didn't want to!! As I was complaining to myself whilst repacking my pack (another form of distraction!) J.P walked in and asked if I would like to come along for the ride. Heck yes I would! My prayers had been answered. J.P and Cat had hired a car and were taking Julien and Miriam with them and now I was part of the road trip. They were headed to Tamarindo but said it would be no problem to drop me off along the way. Bless!
So in my quickest pack up thus far, about 5minutes! I was sitting in a 4WD with four French on my way to Nosara. Talk about an adventure! Within the first hour we found ourselves bogged! But in true Costa Rican style (always helpful!) we were toed out.
What an adventure! We were lucky enough to drive right alongside the water lapping against the sand on the beach, amazing. We drove through rivers (which Julien kindly tested for us) along very bumpy roads and down narrow driveways. Five hours later we arrived in Nosara after seeing some of the most amazing scenery. It was incredible. The beaches were pristine, un-touched, beautiful in every way. The view points were magical and the trip, even though it was mostly in French! was super fun.
We stopped in a little town for a well deserved beer and casada and why not. It's always lovely to find such nice company when you travel and these guys were just that. On that note, a big thanks to J.P for his fabulous driving!
We arrived in Nosara just in time to go to the beach for sunset, a 6 pack in hand. What a perfect way to end a very adventurous day!

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16th January 2011

Now that was a lucky day- road trip to your destination of choice, great company and great views!

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