slow rolling today

Published: June 10th 2010
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Well this morning we woke up bright and early, linette(our dormmate) was headed off on her adventure further north through Nicaragua, and anthony and me were headed west toward Mal Pais. Unfortunately we lost the key to our crackspot hostel tucans room. So we had to sneak our way out of the hostel...our plan to irritate the owner, once she left, we roll out...only down fall was that there is only one road in that town so if she look for us, which she did, we were screwed...luckily the bus came quickly and we were saved...muhahaha 1 for her 1 for us..Now we are posted up in mal pais hoping for some surf...there was if white water and 30min paddle out is your thing...but its not mine. Either way I paid the 3dollas for a board and surfed, had mind was toying with me again..due to well stuff. But that awfully long, tiresome surf session was exactly what I needed. Afterwards I headed down the road to find some more cheap flip flops so that I can loose them again. Maybe I can beat my record of 2days, we shall see. I spent the last hour on a hammock reading, yes I said reading. Been reading a book I got from vista serrano called the last oracle...interesting and helps relax me.

Going to bed early headed to monteverde tomorrow for some ziplines and 800ft suspension bridges...then arenal for a volcano eruption...not sure after that


20th June 2010

Pullin a fast one on the locals? Brad?? Noooooooo! He is just tooo innocent for all that!!

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