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Published: June 9th 2010
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Hey guys. Not sure exactly what day I am on my trip I sorta forgot but here is an update of my last three.

First off we left manuel Antonio and decided to head toward tamarindo for some surf. Got on the bus to quepos. Once there we transferred to another bus toward puntarenas. after 5hrs of bumpy roads and coast line towns we arrived planning to catch another bus to liberia...didnt happen. Instead we took a taxi to the ferry and crossed over toward mountzuma to do some waterfall touring. That took another 2 to 3 hrs, and about 2 more busses. one of which had broken windows spiders every where and the roof was leaking. Yes it was raining. We arrived in montezuma around 10pm. walked to three different hostels but they were all booked. Ended up running into this really cool british chick who was doing the same thing. We wondered toward hotel tuscan and share a cheap 3 bed room. This hostel sucks...the water didn't run, the beds were grimy, the lady that ran it was a punta, and we were hated on rather then welcomed for our money. Aside from that it was a place to sleep out of the rain and we were happy.

the next day we woke and decided that we wanted to go see the falls.
You hike south out of town and just past the cascada hotel hang a right. walk through the main gate and start your trek to this amazing waterfall. The day before there was a really nasty storm so the water level was up, the current was strong, and instead of clear the water was brown. about 2-3km up the trail you have to cross the river...not a problem when its not a heavy flowing cascade of water and mud...two people with me said they didnt want to. I however was not deterred. Took my shoes off, which are now lost, put my wallet around my arm, which is now soaking wet, through my shirt over my head and crossed...on the other side I tried to persuade the others to cross...but they wouldn't so I peaced out and headed down the trail. Which was muddy, steep, slick, rocky and damn dangerous at points. I had no shoes, no water, no food, and I was looking atleast 4hrs of being out in the woods, If I didn't get lost...which I did. You follow the trail for as long as it is marked and the rest the sound of the crushing falls. After twisting and turning, and maybe falling down a few hills I come to this opening. It was amazing, infront of me was a 100ft waterfall, around me were pillars and pillars of rocks stacked as what I called a zen garden. Of course I added to it. Just sitting there watching the power of this fall gushing from the hill above should have been enough, but it wasn't. I wanted to swim in it...I follow another path, well a pipe really, around the falls and climbed atop the hill. through some trees and repelled down a rope tied around a falling branch. I was @the top of the falls. There is three levels, the bottom 100ft, mid 40ft, and the top which was a swimming area of sorts.
I was all alone up there it was amazing. I swam around jumped off a few times, climbed up one of the falls, slept on a rock in the middle of the falls with water rushing over me and massage my feet....and of course what else but jumped in ass naked...yep skinny dipping on a one was there, what would you do. after a few hours I headed back, got some grub, grabbed some brew and chilled @the hostel/beach the rest of the night.

Today we woke up and left toward Mal Pais. We are staying at this cool hostel called hostel tranquil. tomorrow hopefully I can get some surf in.


10th June 2010

Amazing Bradley weren't you a little bit scared
20th June 2010

Why not?
Yo, there is no way in hell that I would travel anywhere and not be all in! Why not? You're there! Might as well enjoy it to the fullest! Glad you got to show Costa Rica your ass, Lord knows we've seen enough of it in the states! Sounds like fun! Id'a been right there wit ya, balls deep in a private waterfall (no homo)

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