another day...another adventure


Day 4

Well I was woken up temprano por la mañana by a tormenta. The sun was up but the clouds over looking the ocean were negro. I ventured out of my dorm room and into the commons area where we sat and drank cafe y leche watching the storm pass. Anthony and me discussed what our plans were. The mangrove tour was canceled so we got directions from martha, our host, and headed out of town toward a waterfall.

Taking a left out of vista serrena we walked down a hill only matched by ludviks castles in germany, except with crazy ass drivers going up and down it. walking single file in our shorts, no shirts, and flipflops we reached the gravel road we were suppose to walk down. Houses were tucked in the trees, perros roamed around, and not a sound was to be heard in the area except the tranquil trickeling of the stream down below. Finally reaching our path we were greated by blown over trees from the storms. climbing through them sat a red bridge that looked like magiver constructed it. Continueing on the path was blocked by more trees so we made our own path and walked the creek. about 45 minutes into the hike a dog joined us from out of the woods. No clue where it came from but he stayed with us the entire trip until we returned to the bridge and he walked away.

further down this stream the water got deeper and the rocks smoother. On top of that my sandles broke so I was bear footed the rest of the trip. After about an hour and half walking we came to a split went upward and discovered this pequeña cascada...chilled for a little and started our trek back.

I think the wallk back up the hill was worse then the walk down...IT SUCKED. Either way we showered up and headed to angels, this local resteraunte for cheap good eating. After eating I waited for the bus to quepos while watching a local football game...strange experience. Get to quepos to buy shoes since my sandals broke and my DCs got stolen. The only place open was a small 2nd hand store. Got me some zappatos and socks though for 2.50. Now I´m back @vista serrena relaxing with a cerveza.

Tommorow we start bus hoping and head toward tamarindo for some surf


20th June 2010

I don't know how we are getting to where we are going next year, but I'm bringing a pistol. I ain't gettin robbed! I work too damn hard for somone to run off wit my $200.00 zappatos. Hmph! Run off wit my stuff AND a hole in ya! Glad you found replacements for cheap, homie. Now I hate I wasn't there to intimidate anyone from doing crap like that.

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