another trip on the tico bus

Published: June 11th 2010
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It was about 6am.....the room was filled with squiters...and I was barely awake from my sleep, listening to my travel partners horrible alarm going off so that we could catch out bus to the puntarenas ferry and head toward monteverde...eventually we woke and headed out. got to the first bus stop and and were hassled by taxi drivers constantly underminding eachother for cheap prices...eventually we hopped a ride with this cuban fellow to cabanos...on the way he was telling us about how he is headed to court to fight an assault charge...I was in the back seat wondering if we were gonna get robbed and dropped off in a random spot...but we made to the ferry station, buy our tickets and wait...for 2hrs...2hrs.I could have slept in and got those free pancakes from our hostel but noooooo we were in a hurry...I settled for a cafe in a box and an epenada(however that is spelt)....caught our ferry across the water, caught up on sleep...then got to puntarenas where we set to catch another bus to monteverde....ended up argueing with 3 different taxi drivers before we finally decided on the Tico bus....3dollas for a 5 hr trip...but in that trip we explored every possible little town that CR had to well as had a preformance from what reminded me of a scene from kids when this bum..missing an eye, blind in the other, and ragged clothes came on board with a can of beans in an old beer can, and a harmonica. started singing some dirty spanish filled song, after about 20 min of this the whole bus was laughing..including me...and I only understood about 3 words he said...but his noises and dancing was enough for me...tipped him and went to sleep. now I am in monteverde waiting for our trip to the cloudforest


11th June 2010

Bus ride
I want pictures please>.... Love reading your blog to daddy and shawn he wants to go with you. Be careful son love ya
21st June 2010

Old men, harmonicas and bus trips are always alot of fun!!

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