Mal Pais

Published: September 20th 2009
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1: Me Jumping 18 secs
Nosara BeachNosara BeachNosara Beach

We later hiked to the top of that hill in the background where you can see both beaches on each side.

Throughout the next week we surfed alot, lounged around, forgot to wash the bird shit off my shorts for a copule of days, and said goodbye to Zoran as he left to San Jose to catch his flight back to Canada. Last monday we left Nosara and Juan Surfo for a new destination: Mal Pais. I had heard alot about it on my last trip to Costa Rica, but never made it there so I was excited to check it out. The town is at the bottom of the Nicoya Peninsula we have been traveling around on and getting to her was an all-day event.

The day started with a 6 am walk to the bus stop to wait for our first bus. It was the day before the Costa Rican Independence Day, which they celebrate as when most of Central America suceded from Spanish rule in 1821. Brief history lesson: after that a Federal Republic of Central America was formed, but didn't work too well. Costa Rica withdrew from that as well shortly after.

Anyways, there was much celebration going on with people running in the streets. Needless to say, our bus was late and we missed our next one. We ended up getting a cab driver to chase down and drop us off IN FRONT of the bus because the next one didn't come until four hours later. After getting on the new bus, we had to take two ferries and two more buses to finally get to Mal Pais. Quite the journey. After checking into a new hostel, we sat down for some much needed internet time, and who should walk into the door???? ZORAN! Apparently he missed his flight and decided to come surf some more. I told you he was like TD!

The waves have been really really good here, and i've definately caught the bests of my life for the last three days. Today was 7-8 feet and really fast. We met some more folk from the states, and have been hanging out with them. The other day the surf was down, so we rented some ATV's with them after some professional haggling from T-Bag and drove off to Montezuma. Its about 40 minutes away, and a beachtown on the other point of the peninsula. The waterfalls are an attraction, and we took a wild trail to the top of the falls....and then we jumped! The drop was maybe like 25 feet, but the scary part is that the pool you drop into pours off into another waterfall that is about 75, so you have to swim fast. I'm sure mom and dad will like these pictures!

Additional photos below
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Our room is to the left
Waterfall TrailWaterfall Trail
Waterfall Trail

The trail to the waterfalls was pretty gnarly, and we had to wade at some parts.
Waterfall 1Waterfall 1
Waterfall 1

From the top
Waterfall 1Waterfall 1
Waterfall 1

From the bottom
Waterfall 2Waterfall 2
Waterfall 2

This is the falls we jumped off of, so this pool turns into the falls in the previous two pictures.

21st September 2009

I like that shaggy DOG in the pic with the boat!!!!
22nd September 2009

You are right, I did like the pictures. Did NOT like the video. You guys are muy loco. Please tell me everybody else jumped to?

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