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21st March 2010

Hey Stephan, I enjoyed reading your Amazon Ecuador post. It reminded me of my time there. My blog is looking for some good travel photos. If you have the time, email us some at, or come check us out at Continued fun on your travels, Heather
15th March 2010

Great Reading!
Steven, You do have a way with words! I get a good laugh reading about your adventures. You should write a book about your adventures and encounters. Love you, take care.
14th March 2010

I like that poncho almost as much as I like my llama picture!
From Blog: Central Ecuador
4th March 2010

Your mother has been keeping me posted all along your trip. However, somehow I had not seen the blog until tonight. Steve, I am so very happy for you and so very proud of you!! I'm so happy that you are having all of those wonderful experiences which you will remember for the rest of your life. And so very proud that you worked, planned, saved and made it happen. Just be safe - I've had many conversations with your mother in the past 6 months or so. I know you've given her a few gray hairs! Again - very happy and proud for you!!!! ENJOY ALL YOUR EXPERIENCES AND SOAK IT UP!!!!
3rd February 2010

Yo Yo
Yo King GDI, When you get back we gotsa hit up that place we went fishing this summer. I just thought about it today and i bet it will be brimming with fish for the spring spawning! Bisthe out
25th January 2010

Oh My Gosh!
Unbelievable! Do you realize how lucky you are? You are having experiences that will make GREAT stories for the rest of your life! I love reading about your adventures! Love you, take care, keep having fun!
25th January 2010

I did not know that one of the dancers was injured. Hope she is doing better.
20th December 2009

Seems like every where you go there is a parade celebrating their independence. Glad you are having fun!!!
From Blog: Cartagena
27th November 2009

Best Days of your Life!
Oh, my, gosh! The things you are seeing and doing! The best days of your life (so far)! Love you, be safe, Auntie Lisa
10th November 2009

Are the dreadlocks better looking than the french braids I fabulously did senior year in that picture where you are stalking Butora?
From Blog: Puerto Viejo
7th November 2009

Glad all went well
Sounds like you both had a good time. When are you posting pics?? The web site for Bocas del Toro looked beautiful. Be safe in Colombia!!
From Blog: Bocas del Toro
7th November 2009

This I gotta see
You in Dreadlocks. WHere are the pics?????? I can hardly wait to see
From Blog: Puerto Viejo
7th November 2009

Andrea had dreads for about 2 years. YUK!! Lyle and I spent several days in Boca del Toros a few years back. We stayed at a resort that was Eco-friendly. It ran on solar and used all rain water. The cabins were on stilts sitting out on the water. We could watch the marine life from our front deck and as we walked to and from the restaurant area. It is an awesome place! Keep havin' fun!
From Blog: Bocas del Toro
22nd October 2009

Glad You're Safe!
Great blogging! Thanks for lots of pictures. I love to read of your adventures. Some adventures you really should skip! So glad you're safe! Carry on, have fun and for Pete Sake Be Safe! Love you
22nd October 2009

Beautiful pics. So sad that they took T bags camera. Hope you are able to get more pics soon. I know this was very upsetting and I so wish I could be there to just give you a BIG hug. I just have a hard time wrapping my head around what could have happen. I am forwarding all the email from friends and family. U. Johnny is the funniest but all of us are so very happy you two are safe. PLEASE be very careful. REmember you are on your dream trip so if you have to spend some extra money for another board and cheap camera go for it and Mom will help you out!
14th October 2009

Good to hear from you! Sounds like you are having the time of your life! Enjoy! Stay safe........
From Blog: Surf and Climb
12th October 2009

First trip to blog
Very exciting and Cal especially appreciated the "special pic for Dad".
From Blog: Arrival
22nd September 2009

You are right, I did like the pictures. Did NOT like the video. You guys are muy loco. Please tell me everybody else jumped to?
From Blog: Mal Pais
21st September 2009

I like that shaggy DOG in the pic with the boat!!!!
From Blog: Mal Pais
11th September 2009

I'm really going to enjoy following your adventures! Have fun and enjoy every minute! Auntie Lisa
From Blog: Arrival
8th September 2009

good pics
Zoran looks well qualified to be a body guard. Feed him well. Also, keep the dad pics coming. I approve. Dad Sent you an email. Piper is looking for engineers.
From Blog: Arrival
7th September 2009

Well son at last I may learn some geography. Looked up Costa Rico map and found Tamarindo. They say it is "Surfer Heaven" so looks like you did your homework well. Neat that you are meeting new and "Strange" people. Just don't let them abduct you. Reminds me of the trip I went to with my gal friends about your age to Mexico. I may tell you about once you return, but as they say "what happens in Mexico stays in Mexico" HA!! Thanks for the pics and blog. A great way to follow you!
From Blog: Arrival
7th September 2009

Big booty
Big Glenn said he appreciates that picture too haha.
From Blog: Arrival
7th September 2009

Nice one for "dad" ! How about one for G-pa?
From Blog: Arrival
4th September 2009

That's it?
played tennis with a pussycat???
From Blog: Leaving Home

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