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November 5, 2010 Well, I hope most of you realized that what those characters in my last entry said was not copied with any precision. As a matter of fact, I embellished their actual words with what I imagined they wanted to say. So, thanks for the advice, but I don't really need to go to the American Embassy for how I'm being treated down here. On Tuesday, I drove down to Esparza in my second attempt to get my Pathfinder inspected at one of the ten or so national inspection factories. It was a much smaller operation; only two lanes as opposed to the 12 or so in that gothic warehouse/hangar I visited up in Alajuela on Monday. In all of them, you have to drive through a building set up like a car wash; ... read more
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january started!!! everybody is ready to enjoy vacations as school opening is untill february, on summer most of people likes to visit beaches, get a nice tanned skin color and take pictures. Another option for " ticos" ( costarican people nickname) is enjoy the fresh waters of the several rivers of costa rica as summer is so hot about temperatures, people likes to visit rivers and stay long time there ( hours including days), on weekends people use to camp around the rivers, makes BBQ's, music and enjoy with the people who is around of them. This is the way how ticos try to avoid the hot summer' temperatures. The most visited rivers to enjoy : puntarenas district and guanacaste area. Fresh and clean waters to enjoy and play acuatic activities. Many people take the idea ... read more
llanos de cortez waterfall

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Esparza December 18th 2009

hi, here writing this blog. well, as costarican citizen i want to let you to know costa rica is one of the most beautiful countries around this upsidedown but nice world. I if you re thinking to visit us, pls , dont think twice, just do it. COSTA RICA has several activities for people who likes to visit and spend a nice time in this wonderful country. i assure you wont regret!!!! From mountains activities to amazing lava volcano eruptions untill the funniest tanned activities on the beaches of costa rica. ENJOY COSTA RICA AND PURA VIDA!!!! ... read more
costa rica
costa rica
costa rica

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Esparza February 15th 2008

Without time to get lonely after Sharon and Jeff set off on their travels we began planning for the arrival of my sister Genny and her husband Mitch, who were supposed to fly into San Jose late on January 29th. We were going to meet them the next morning and do some sight seeing in the San Jose area. As I imagined them flying over the US on their way, Genny called me to say they were still at the Saskatoon airport. Their flight had been canceled due to weather/technical difficulties. With a cold spell hitting the Prairies with average temperatures of minus 35 with the wind chill factor of minus 50 Celsius I was once again reminded how lucky we are to be basking in the eternal summer of Costa Rica. And so I reminded ... read more
Dance Mat Fever
Ziplining crazy
Always asking questions

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Esparza December 24th 2007

December 2007 will be remembered as the month of firsts for many reasons. The month started with Benjamin’s class trip which was mentioned in our last blog. The following weeks have featured an excursion or two that gave at least one or all family members a lifetime first. Also this will be our first tropical Christmas and it has been a challenge getting into the spirit of the season. Du, Du, Matanga!! Was the greeting we received once we arrived at Fossil Land near San Jose. Owen and I were invited to go along on the grade 2 class trip to the archaeological wonderland. The day started with a one hour wait at the school and a quick bus ride to San Jose. Traffic in San Jose is completely out of control and the season of ... read more
Pink Snow!!
Climbing Up the River
Fossils Anyone?

After the awesome trip to Nicaragua, we were all a bit tired but life kept moving with Ron and Benjamin heading off to school on Monday morning. Owen did not have to attend school for the first three days of the last week, as the students were writing exams in Spanish. While he has been learning a lot of Spanish at school, he was not quite ready to write the exams. He did however write the Math exam, in Spanish, and did very well. In fact on Thursday, November 29th, at the final school assembly, Owen received a certificate of honors for his work in all the subjects taught in English. We were very proud of him, as he adapted to the non-planned attendance to school, participated eagerly and performed very well. Especially considering that if ... read more
Angel Benjamin
The devilish side of the Angel
A class of angels

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Esparza November 22nd 2007

As many of our faithful blog readers already know we like our computer time, especially the internet. With the election, the Riders, the Canadian dollar making so many headlines and of course keeping in contact with all of our friends and family we find it difficult to let one day pass without going online. Now that we have the car it is much more convenient to make our way to the Internet Café. However, we are still longing for the convenience of having Internet at home. On Friday November 9th after waiting one month for our Internet connection I visited I.C.E. the government run utility company and “inquired” about what was happening with the installation. After a phone call the nice woman, who spoke terrific English, told me that I would have to buy my ... read more
Four X Four
The Mountain View
Ocean View

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Esparza November 14th 2007

We updated the blog on the weekend but it didn't notify anyone maybe we did a quiet publish by mistake. Click previous at the top of this page to view the latest news. Love to all!... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Esparza November 11th 2007

October 23 to November 11, 2007 As life gets busier here we seem to have less time to update the blog. As well, we are now settling into a somewhat normal day to day life of work, school and a bit of fun and rest on the weekends. The biggest news of the last few weeks would have to be the purchase of a car. While we planned to use the local buses and taxi service we missed the convenience of our van. So when a fellow teacher at Ron’s school decided to sell his car and the price was right for us, we took it. Of course buying an older used vehicle is not without some minor hassles, but it has been an interesting learning experience. The actual purchase went very smoothly, with Ron meeting ... read more
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High Ceilings & Low Floors
Loving School

It’s been a while since I’ve written an entry and I must admit that it felt weird having Nataghia tell our story. It was good reminder that it is OUR story and that we all have a different perspective on what we are experiencing. With that in consideration we have decided to share the thoughts of everyone in the family for this entry. However, first I’ll catch you up on the news. On Friday October 12th, Costa Rica celebrates Christopher Columbus’ birthday. To celebrate this national holiday the school holds an event they call Encontre de Culturas or Encounter of Cultures. Each grade in the school learns about a different culture and then on the Friday night there is a presentation of what they have learned. This is a huge event with each classroom presenting a ... read more
Ben enjoyed the evening.
Owen the Egyptian
The Grade 3's

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