SUN....... and sunburn

Published: February 8th 2011
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tan [burn]tan [burn]tan [burn]

yes mum, I have learnt my lesson, to wear more suncream
So after weeks of sayin we need to get a tan we decided to go out into the sun we got down to the beach and lay on our towels...

'i dont feel like im gettin a tan' said jungle Jane, aka Ash

'me niether i havent even put on sunscreen' said Diego aka Jack

how STUPID are we, we mustve sat there for at least an hour not once listening to the voice inside us which said, 'mabye you shud put on some sunscreen, after all u are in the carribean!' but noooooooooo we are too smart the sun wont do us any damage twenty minutes later we looked down and realised we were red all over! howd tht happen?

needless to say we learnt our lesson and have had to spend the whole day lying in our room watchin a programme called real housewives of beverly hills, which is awesome btw!!!!

luckily are redness seems to be fadin so shud go brown!

plans for the rest of the time here, snorkelling, sunbathing- with sunscreen this time lol, more real housewives of beverly hills and generally relaxin who knew our working holiday would change so much - sometimes i think fate can be on our side!

missin u all

love from jack and ash!!!

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and curly fringes
tequila sunrisetequila sunrise
tequila sunrise

because were too lazy to get up and see the actual one!

9th February 2011

Love the new pics, though that sunburn looks very sore!!! What happened to the factor 50

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