jack and ash


jack and ash

Jack and ash's travels!

Our plan is to travel to costa rica and volunteer at tierra hermosa wildlife rescue centre.

Task number1 : learn spanish!

two days!!!!!

So yesterday we rented the most hilarious bikes, with baskets on the front, and cycled down to Playa Chiquita for a tour round the Jaguar centre. It was interesting, but the guide explained, there has only ever been one Jaguar there about 7 years ago. There were however plenty of other interesting animals. Check out the photos! This will most likely be our last post for three weeks, as we enter into isolation! ... read more
jack and his bike

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Limón February 11th 2011

Hello! Yesterday we walked for ages to a beautiful beach to atempt some surfing. The waves were HUGE, so needless to say we spent alot of the time under the water. Was a great laugh though. I, as in Ashleigh, descovered that the milk i have been drinking here, is baby formula milk. I wondered why it said , breast is best, on the carton! RAGING, jacks laughing though! Tomorow were cycling to playa chiquita to a jaguar center then going on 15km to manzonilo. About time we did some excersize! We leave on sunday and were spending a night in Guipiles Then were of to La tortuga Feliz! YEY http://www.latortugafeliz.com/ ... read more
little island

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Heredia February 9th 2011

I am trying to upload a video, from our first day at tierra hermosa, so if it works, it should goooo here ... read more

So after weeks of sayin we need to get a tan we decided to go out into the sun we got down to the beach and lay on our towels... 'i dont feel like im gettin a tan' said jungle Jane, aka Ash 'me niether i havent even put on sunscreen' said Diego aka Jack how STUPID are we, we mustve sat there for at least an hour not once listening to the voice inside us which said, 'mabye you shud put on some sunscreen, after all u are in the carribean!' but noooooooooo we are too smart the sun wont do us any damage twenty minutes later we looked down and realised we were red all over! howd tht happen? needless to say we learnt our lesson and have had to spend the whole day ... read more
GIANT Pineapple
cabinas Lika

Central America Caribbean February 2nd 2011

Hello!! After alot of travelling, we are now in Cahuita! The most beautiful place on earth , i am sure. We spent last night in COCOs reggee bar, and met a group of newzelenders. After 2 weeks in isolation in the rainforest, it was great to socialize again! We spent most of the day on the beach in the national park. The jungle leads on to the beach and looks awsome. We saw howler and white faced mokeys and the cutest racoons. While where here we plan opn going to the frog sancuary and possibly the sloth centre. Next stop ' Peurto Viejo De talamanca! cant wait for la tortuga feliz! and the cocktails here are amazin! PINA COLADAS ALL THE WAY! very carribean here with lots of sun and the sea is so warm, wish ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Heredia January 31st 2011

Hello Every one! Today was our last day at tierra hermosa. The water ran dry so we havnt had water since thursday! yes, things got preeety smelly. Its hard to sum up the place, but it was amazing. We didnt have too much to do as alex hasnt yet recieved funds for building new enclosures, but just being there was a great experience. We had to look after a little baby white faced monkey. He was so sweat but a messer! We have met so many people who come up to visit the project. One was a canadian women who ended up staying with us and feeding us well! It was heaven. The weather is great, and the best time is defienatly morning, when we hear the sounds of the howler monkeys and watch the sun ... read more

North America » United States » New York January 17th 2011

This is an extract from ashleigh written journal (bound to be a best seller) written on the plane from newyork. Time: 9.22pm (NY time) Travelled: 21 hours Location: The Air Havnt even arrived in San Jose and have seen so much! Leaving the house at 3.30am was a bit of a shock to the system (made better with the help of some cereal). Leaving Dublin was great. I wish someone had told me that drinks were free on the plane before i had bought an unbelievable overprised bottle of water in dublin! Food was great on the plane. So far it feels like al weve done today is eat! we got prezels, roast beef dinner, baguette etc. flying into newyork was amazing! We saw the emprire state building and the statue of liberty. It was frustrating ... read more
jacks new friend
our mckaw

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Alajuela » Alajuela January 17th 2011

Finaly after delays and 26 hours travelling , we made it to costa rica! Stinking of mosqueto repellant and greasy from factor 50, we are ready to travel to tierra hermosas center. LOVING IT Note to self : costa rica did not require 2 fleases and thermaal socks ! ... read more

Antarctica January 8th 2011

If you recieve an email for this post let me know and ill know its working... read more

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