Crossing into Costa Rica & Puerto Viejo...

Published: January 31st 2010
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Today we left Bocas and Panama to cross into country number 14! We started our journey with a taxi boat to Isla Colon, from there it was another water taxi to the mainland. Once on mainland we took a taxi to the bus stop then jumped on a bus to Changuinola, from there we took another taxi to the boarder! Once at the boarder we got our stamps then walked over the bridge and into Costa Rica! We then took our last transport of the day, another bus to Puerto Viejo. Although the journey sounds crazy it was actually surprisingly easy but just a little time consuming! We arrived in Puerto Viejo hot and hungry, we dropped our bags in our little wooden cabin and then went to find something to eat. We found this cute place called Bread & chocolate, we had lovely sandwiches and fruit lassies! We then had a short walk around Puerto Viejo ( its tiny! ) before heading back to our cabin where we sopent the remainder of the afternoon just lazing about on the porch. I took control of the hammock and just laid staring out into the garden while Steve did some research on the internet.
Thenext day we weren't much more productive, we had a walk around town in the morning before going to Bread & Chocolate ( yes their food is that good!) for lunch. We the went back to our cabin where once again I took m rightful position in the hammock. I also took a walk in the garden hunting for the beautiful colorful birds to take pictures, it proved pretty unsuccessful! At night we went to a place called Beach Hut for dinner the owner and chef is french, the meal turned out to be one of the best meals we have had on this entire trip! We both had fish (super fresh fish) and desserts! Yum!


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