Still Kicking in Puerto Viejo

Published: July 17th 2008
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Monday evening we went to a little restaurant in Puerto Viejo and had the best food we have had since being in Cost Rica. We walked back to our cabinas Puerto Viejo just raving about it. We were staying at the most rustic cabinas ever. Lots of partying and drugs, I knew that we would not stay more than just that one night. Anyway, soon after we were settled in our room, started feeling really bad. I took some tums and fell asleep but was up many times very ill. Macayla started feeling sick too and I decided to go to a nicer place since we would be staying there all day, Cabinas Casa Verde. Yesterday was a wash. Ill all day in bed. This morning we did feel better but still very queasy and weak. Decided to stay but the cabinas had our room booked for tonight so we had to move yet again. We are now at Cabinas Pura Vida. Very nice and we are very happy to be there. Nice big room with two beds, a sink, and a shared bathroom. Lots of hammocks in the common areas and just relaxing. Today we did not want to go to complete waste so we did drag ourselves to the sloth rescue center. It was so great, I will add pictures tomorrow. We got to see babies and pet the adults and see them up close. Really terrific. We saw both the two-toed and three-toed sloths and it was very informative. They have volunteering available and we would like to return another time to do that. The couple who started this rescue center happened upon it by chance when they were given an injured sloth by 3 local girls who did not know what to do with it. They researched all about what they ate and about their habitat and it grew from there. This is all for today since we are ready to go back to the cabinas. Our stomachs are still not what they should be. Will add more tomorrow with pictures. Think we will stay here one more day just to be sure that we are completely well.


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