Last Day in Cahuita

Published: April 11th 2015
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Last SnoozeLast SnoozeLast Snooze

Resting up for the long trip home.
Last day in Coahuila. I had planned to go to the beach one last time before the van picked us up at 1pm but slight stomach cramps dictated I stay close to the loo. Granted, the bubbles of the breaking waves would make a good tummy massage but I feared adding to the flotsam being stirred up by the rip tide. I contented myself with laying in the hammock and listening to the surf.

Of course, our shuttle was a half hour late. Clo was pacing and becoming increasingly agitated. The van arrived and away we went. It was a much more comfortable one that that of the way here. Since it was Good Friday, all the locals were at the beach. It stretched from Cahuita all the way up to Limon, something we did not notice before as it had been dark. It reminded me somewhat of Long Beach on the west coast of Canada, what with all the logs scattered on the sand.

The ride through the national park was more spectacular as we climbed up through the mountains. After circulating through downtown San Jose in search of another couple’s hotel, we headed back towards the airport on the other side of the valley to La Rose de America, our hotel for the night . I had splurged a bit on this booking, it being our last night. Clo was suitably impressed. The room was small compared to the other places we stayed but it had all the little extra touches one would expect, including WIFI in the room. We even got a pool side room!

Supper was excellent, even if there was a group of twenty teenagers staying here. They were well behaved and polite. Our waiter was a gas. Full of jokes and efficient. Our room was comfortable, with air conditioning and a hot water shower. Not that it is needed. It is still hot but at least five degrees cooler than what we have experienced up to now. There was even a breeze.

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Rosa CabinRosa Cabin
Rosa Cabin

Not ours, but similar.
Rosa Flowers1Rosa Flowers1
Rosa Flowers1

It is the flowers that are my greatest relief from the Canadian winter.
Rosa Flowers 2Rosa Flowers 2
Rosa Flowers 2

Sigh. Going home tomorrow.

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