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Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Limón » Cahuita November 29th 2015

Après "l'effort" le réconfort ! Nous avons décidé de s'accorder un peu de bon temps suite à notre premier travail, et de visiter le reste du Costa Rica. Direction Montezuma sur les côtes du Pacifique où l'on retrouve Maja, Sarah & Diana au bord d'un Ocean, qui dépasse toutes nos espérances en terme de température ! Nous ne perdons pas de temps et traversons par la suite le pays en direction cette fois-ci des Caraïbes, dans la ville la plus posey du monde : Cahuita ! Une ambiance Rastafaraï qui nous convient très bien. Nous dégustons nos premiers Seafoods, que nous pouvons qualifier de merveilleux... 1er pays --> DONE, direction le Panama sur la petite île de Bocas del Toro. Ile touristique certes, mais juste paradisiaque. On ne va pas se mentir, nous avons bien fait ... read more
Pacifico Playa

Last day in Coahuila. I had planned to go to the beach one last time before the van picked us up at 1pm but slight stomach cramps dictated I stay close to the loo. Granted, the bubbles of the breaking waves would make a good tummy massage but I feared adding to the flotsam being stirred up by the rip tide. I contented myself with laying in the hammock and listening to the surf. Of course, our shuttle was a half hour late. Clo was pacing and becoming increasingly agitated. The van arrived and away we went. It was a much more comfortable one that that of the way here. Since it was Good Friday, all the locals were at the beach. It stretched from Cahuita all the way up to Limon, something we did not ... read more
Rosa de America Hotel
Rosa Cabin
Rosa Flowers1

Today, Claudette is taking a vacation from vacation. It is a do nothing day for her. For me, vacations are all about doing things. I do enough of nothing in my regular life, so today I am off to Cahuita National Park for a stroll through the jungle bordering the beach. It is not far to go, only a ten minute walk to the other end of town. It opens directly onto a beach. You can hire a guide to point out wildlife or do it on your own. The trail follows the coastline with spurs leading to small secluded beaches. At one point, the trail cuts across a peninsula to give the hiker a since of the real jungle. The signage gives fair warning at some of the beaches that rip tides are present. These ... read more
Ant Highway
Blue Crab 1
Blue Crab 2

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Limón » Cahuita March 31st 2015

Slept in till six o’clock. I should have known that this would be a harbinger of calamities to come. A laid-back cuppa, listening to the birds celebrate the rain that fell last night. Since we will be gone most of the day, I decided on a hearty breakfast of bacon & fresh eggs from the market. They were excellent. Tasty with bright orange yoke, rare at home. The jaguar rescue centre was our destination. We arrived at the station just in time to see our bus pull out. This meant that we would miss our tour. Back to our cabin to formulate plan B. Chocolate tour it is. Back to the bus station a second time. We would each look out a different side of the bus for sign for Cocoa Trails. Luckily a German group ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Limón » Cahuita March 30th 2015

When daylight arrived, I could finally see our surroundings. Short, lawn grass high plants on an uneven ground with wide spaced shrubbery and tall trees. Other shrubs are strategically planted to obscure the view of the other cottages. Raised cement walkways, bordered by flowering bushes, converge on the reception booth where coffee and toast are served from 7-9. A good occasion to compare notes with other guests. I prepared my own breakfast while Clo was perfectly happy with the house offer. It was so nice to drink a large glass of ice cold milk again. As I have learned about Costa Rica, internet service is sketchy. It was advertised that WIFI was available throughout the property, in reality, the router only covered the area close to the entrance. Not far to walk but inconvenient. I must ... read more
My Hammoch
Red Flower
Red Flower 2

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Limón » Cahuita March 29th 2015

Up early as the local busses to elsewhere were revving to go at the crack of dawn. I had hoped to sit out on the pool patio in the early breeze. Instead, I found a quiet little nook within the building to record my journal. By six-thirty, all the bus racket had ended and it was pleasant to sit outside for the included breakfast. Not as comprehensive as in Fortuna. Tom, the owner, circulated amongst the guests. Since the street was quiet, we decided to walk around and find a place for lunch. It was quite a surprise to find that we were only a few blocks from the pedestrian streets we had walked yesterday. We could have avoided all those rowdy bars and tired whores. Our bus arrived half an hour late. Traffic was fine ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Limón » Cahuita September 30th 2013

After an easy border crossing, we found ourselves in Costa Rica. The original intention was to go Puerto Viejo, but instead we have stumbled across a great, sleepy little town called Cahuita, about 30 minutes north, which borders a beautiful coastline national park. We have scored well here too, finding really cheap accommodation in a private cabin next to the beach. The cabin is rustic, but to have our own little private space, including a kitchen, is gold. For one week we will not have to time our cooking as to when there is a hot plate or bench space available. We even have our own fridge, it may not sound like much, but after 7 months of trying to find some space in a common, and usually bacteria infected fridge, it is a nice home ... read more
Dragonfly in Cahuita National Park
Sloth in Cahuita National Park
This little guy eats almonds while we eat breakfast

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Limón » Cahuita August 12th 2013

From Arequipa we took a 16 hour night bus to Lima where we checked into our "hostel", which turned out to be a private house where the owner was illegally renting out her spare room! The nicest host you could wish to meet, and she provided the best breakfast to date. We spent a day looking around downtown Lima and went to the Cathedral with its accesible catacombs and two attached museums which was very worthwhile, not a bad way to spend time waiting for our flight to Costa Rica. We arrived in the San Jose airport which is actually in Alajuela and got picked up by the owner of the Hostel that we had booked. We stayed in the small town of Grecia, a half hour drive from the airport and a bit more tranquil ... read more
Poison Dart Frog
Why would we be up at 5.30am?

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Limón » Cahuita February 14th 2013

It was bound to happen one day. We have traveled so far and for so long and we have had no problems whatsoever. But how and when was hanging upon us, as it usually is for all long-term travelers. Panama and Costa Rica are considered rather safe so we did not give them much thought in that respect. We were not even supposed to stop in Costa Rica. It is considered touristy, expensive and well too modern. Did not sound appealing to us, to be honest. What you read about places is never 100% true so as usual our plans were altered by a certain traveler we met in Panama. She told us about a little village very close to Panama border which she loves and adores and comes back there every year for a few ... read more
beautiful crab
did not want to show his face
Playa Blanca in Cahuita

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