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November 23rd 2006
Published: November 24th 2006
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The TheifThe TheifThe Theif

Take a good look at his mug shot.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!
We have made it safely to Cahuita and this place is different than the rest of costa rica so far. It has strong rasta influence and smells of jamaica. The town is small and almost all the locals are dreaded rastafarian. The Main street turns directly into a trail leading through a national park along the ocean. There are both white and black sand beaches boarded by the jungle. Our first night here we had an amazing caribbean coconut milk seafood dish that was the best food we have had since the trip began, amazing. Last night we went out to the local bar and listened to live reggae, pretty cool. Today we hike 6km one way, to an isolated white sand beach. When we got there we encountered our first wouldbe theft. While lindsay was laying on the beach and i was in the ocean, a monkey came up next to lindsay and started chewing and trying to get into our backpack. He opened it up and lindsay snaped a picture. But then the little grimlin took out our clothes and ran off into the forest with then. Lucas ran out of the water and chased the little
Caught red handedCaught red handedCaught red handed

Seconds before he ran off with our shirts.
theif down and got our clothes back. It was pretty funny. After that a raccoon came walking by and lindsay jumped up from her towel and he walked right across the towel and kept going. On the way back we encountered the monkey again. Actually, the little guy was hasseling us the whole time. So we snapped a few close-up pictures of him for later identification. Walking back we saw a much nicer younger monkey that made us feel better about the monkey species. We also saw a few lizards and what we think is a pit viper, very poisonous. Well thats about all for now, we hope everyone is enjoying the holiday.

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Partner in crimePartner in crime
Partner in crime

The one playing the role of the decoy.
Killer SnakeKiller Snake
Killer Snake

Dont get too close
Young innocent monkeyYoung innocent monkey
Young innocent monkey

Not all monkeys are bad.

24th November 2006

Happy Turkey
That's the same monkey in the movie "Outbreak." Cool looking snake, but scary if it's poisonous. It's a good thing you got back your clothes. It was nice talking to you today. Did you say black sand beach? Sounds neat. Well I must go eat now. Love you and miss you lots. Your favorite sister, andrea
24th November 2006

I love the pictures you got of the costa rican mob hands trying to get into your bag!!! Thank you so much for the birthday call!! I love and miss both of you!!!! talk to you soon.
24th November 2006

sharing the blog
I showed my dad your blog and told him the story of the racoon and monkey. He laughed and walked out of the room laughing and talking about Tigger to himself. hasta luego!!! Caroline
24th November 2006

Monkey Business
Have you seen the movie "Outbreak"? If you have, you'll have to agree that the star appears to be in Cahuita now pursuing a different career. In about 5 minutes U of O (remember them) plays Or. St. in the civil war game. Should be a good game as they have the same win-loss records. That's the biggest news from Oregon these days followed closely by the precip. Going to break the all time record for November. Well, that's all the big news from the USA. Take care.
25th November 2006

I can't believe you can get so close to those bad monkeys! have you touched one yet? have you seen any way cool plants? gavin
1st December 2006

monkey bus.
outbreak outbreak outbreak, can anyone say marcel from friends, lucas you are ross.

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