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Kävelin katsomaan Keskuspankin museot. Oli pilvinen päivä ja jokin pyöräilytapahtuma. Päätin lähteä käymään Herediassa. Sinne meni taajaan busseja ja matka kesti reilun puoli tuntia. San Josén kerrostalot näkyivät sinne. Löysin ruokapaikan ja palasin pimeän tultua.... read more

(3:45) I am gently swinging in a hammock on the porch of my chalet, happy to be warm and dry. My shoes and hat are with me on the porch in the hope that they will become dry before tomorrow morning’s horse ride. Today I wore my sandals, but that won’t work on a horse. Our morning consisted of a country drive, first on the highway - a two-lane asphalt road with no shoulders and a speed limit of 80 kilometres. (3:49) It has just started raining – so much for drying! Oh well! After I finish drinking tea, I will go the mineral hot spring pools where dry isn’t important. This morning we drove into farming country – lots of pineapples, plus small-farm produce. We stopped for a break in Upala, a small city. In ... read more
Orange trees
Pleasant school building

To our terror, our destination today was white water rafting on the Sarapiqi River. None of us had done this in recent history. We needed lots of reassurance that it was doable without mishap by sixty-something ladies. On arrival, the rafting guide gave us a very serious safety briefing, which rather emphasized our fears. Nevertheless, we donned helmets and life-vests, tightened to fit snugly. We grasped our paddles as instructed (hand over the top), and approached the inflated raft. Even though we had imagined we would be sitting in the raft, the correct position was sitting on the side with feet anchored on the bottom. Lise and I volunteered to sit at the front, which I appreciated because it meant that my left foot was anchored under a very tight strap. After a mild warning, we ... read more
Super Moon

(3:50 p.m.) I am sitting in a traditional rocking chair on the wide balcony of my room facing a drenching downpour accentuated by noise of water bombarding the roof and the garden plants. About ten metres from my balcony in the middle of the small lake on the edge of the garden is a medium-sized tree where lots of birds have gathered to wait out the storm. Some are fairly large black birds, some Turkey vultures and some cattle egrets. The tree is not at all protective, but since they all are perched on its outermost and barest branches, I presume they feel safe from predators there. Our journey to the Sueno Azul (Blue Dream) Hacienda began with leaving Tortuguero Evergreen Resort on the boats, going down the river and the can... read more
Banana flower
View from my room

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Heredia » Heredia November 16th 2015

This was my writing spot for most of the trip. Every day there were kids at the school next door yelling and playing outside. The garden was full of all kinds of birds.... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Heredia » Heredia November 15th 2015

What a lovely hotel! The grounds are covered with tropical gardens that attract a wide variety of tropical birds. There is also a pool under some enormous trees and an amazing view of the surrounding mountains.... read more
Hotel Bougainvillea Restaurant
Hotel Bougainvillea Lobby
Hotel Bougainvillea Entryway

Tierra Hermosa is the name of Alex Martinez' wildlife rescue centre in Sarapiqui where people bring sick and injured animals and birds to be nurtured lovingly back to health before hopefully being released back into the wild. It is up in the hilly countryside about a ten minute drive from Alex's B and B lodges Posandra Andrea Cristina. Alex acquired the area of land as a monoculture of hearts of palm trees that had ceased being cut for harvesting of the hearts of palms and had become fully grown. Alex is gradually introducing a more mixed forest with varied levels of understory. he showed us an area he had planted up with just six years ago and the growth was phenomonal, some of the trees having reached about 8m tall already! He showed us the bark ... read more
Entrance to Tierra Hermosa
Alex getting groomed by a young spider monkey

Breakfast at Alex's place is great. There's fresh juice, fruit, home made bread and jam, really lovely ripe avocado and scrambled egg. We meet a gorgeous little baby bundle of fluff, a nocturnal piccachu (that's not what it was really, but the name escapes me). Instead of taking hold of this little creature by lifting it up you have just put out your arm and it naturally clings to you with its paws. It wasn't quite old enough to use its tail to curl around yet. It kept tying to nibble my nose with its tiny little teeth. The poor mite had been orphaned and was being looked after by Alex. Whenever a bird or animal is injured people bring them in for Alex to look after and hopefuly release back ito the wild. The area ... read more
Pretty plant pot in my porch
White water rafting guys
White water rafting

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