La Selva


So I'm in La Selva for a few days helping out some Oxy students with their research. I'm having a lot of fun because a close friend from my last semester is also here. Basically I have been following Adrienne around while she does her research and this morning I went to the river with Jime and Miguel to help them catch fish for Jime's project. Miguel is a friend of Jime's from school who is helping her out this weekend too. Tomorrow we are both leaving for San Jose early so we are going to take the same bus.
My Spanish has been improving over this month. Its at the point where if I spend all day working in Spanish I think in Spanish first. Its hard though because I can understand slow, well-pronounced Spanish but as soon as it gets too fast, is in a large group conversation, or gets slangy I start losing it. Oh well, practice practice practice!
I'm going to bed super early tonight because I am feeling sort of sick. I haven't slept for more than 6 hours a night for the past 6 nights, and I'm really feeling it. I'm dizzy and tired and every muscle aches. Unfortunately I'm afraid I have bed bugs as well so sleep just doesn't seem that appetizing (well, to me...I'm sure the bugs find it very appetizing.) Oh well, its only for one more night.
Tomorrow I head into San Jose to go directly to Tarcoles. I will be staying there for a full week with a fishing family, learning the ropes and helping out while observing their organizing. I will most likely be out of communication the whole week except by phone (even that's not guaranteed because I don't know if I will have signal). Anyways, I will write again when I get back from Tarcoles and give all the stories which I'm sure will be insane because I swear almost no one in the village speaks English!



5th July 2010

Yum Bedbugs!!!
Exciting!!! I've always wanted to be immersed in a culture where the primary language isn't English. I wish I knew another language than Hawaiian and Māori. I guess there's still time for that. Can't wait to hear about your next adventure!! :)

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