Published: July 9th 2010
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So I am here living in Tarcoles! Speaking Spanish all the time is pretty darn difficult I must say, especially when I'm trying to get stuff done! Ive been doing interviews with fishermen and lujadoras and writing up the analysis for those. I am also presenting my research project on Sunday so people know what I'm doing exactly and designing a event for the lujadoras so when they get enough money together they can implement it!So its been a bit of work but I'm having fun! Yesterday a couple came in to look at starting a volunteer program here and the girl didn't speak Spanish so I helped out a little with translation! It was pretty neat that I actually was able to do most of it! Anyways, I'm leaving monday for San Jose again...wish me luck!


PS I recommend anyone coming in through Costa Rica should volunteer here a bit, its pretty revealing!


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