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Made it back alive from Bocas Del Toro. When I have some time this week I will try to write a good entry and get some of the pictures up. I have a phone interview for a job in Gig Harbor on Wednesday, wish me luck! Home in two weeks. Bitter-sweet. I miss family and friends but I have met so many new people and had such a good time here! One more week of classes and then the family arrives to Potrero on Friday morning! ... read more
Que lindo

Tomorrow I head off to Panama for a quick 5 day trip. I'm very excited but sad to be leaving the beautiful weather that has finally arrived in Costa Rica. It is 80+ and clear all day now, what a life. I have been able to surf a bit more and work on my tan. I won't be recognizable when I get home, with my long hair and brown skin. Hope everyone is doing well wherever you are reading from! Look forward to some great pictures of Bocas Del Toro!... read more

The rain stopped, and the sun came back, for the time being. I was able to sleep in and have a leisurely morning before going surfing in Tamarindo in the afternoon. I arrived home, with good timing on the buses, around 4:30 and was able to go to the beach to watch the sunset. Clouds were advancing quite rapidly so I didn’t get great pictures but it was nice to finally get my camera some use around Potrero. I’m sad to report that my favorite bar in all of Costa Rica, Sharky’s in Tamarindo, burnt down on Thursday. I was shocked and disappointed to discover this today when I went to check some college football scores. I guess I will have to stream games online or look for a new bar around here. As much as ... read more

Trapped in Potrero! The weather over the past few days has been horrendous to say the least. They are blaming it on the hurricane that hit Haiti, but I think there is more to it. We have had nonstop rain for over 4 days and many parts of the country are suffering tremendously. Luckily for me, Potrero is just boring, not under water. In Quepos, where I was two weeks ago, the roads are underwater and the hospital is inaccessible and running out of clean water. The small town of Parrita (where my teacher from Quepos lives) has suffered horrible flooding and most of the town has been underwater for two days now. I hope everything will be alright. Closer to San Jose, a small mountain pueblo was destroyed in a landslide. 40 are dead and ... read more
The baby!
view from the front porch
My mama Tica, Erika

Lots of new pictures, I hope you like them! Tengo que escribir en español porque no lo hice por mucho tiempo. La semana pasada ha sido muy interesante y lleno de emoción y actividades. Llegué en Flamingo cerca de una de la tarde el domingo pero estaba temprano y tenía que esperar por una hora hasta que viniera mi familia. Estoy 5 kilómetros de la escuela y cada mañana necesito tomar el bus a las siete. Clases terminan a las doce y luego tengo tiempo para surfear el internet o relajarme. Hay un bus para regresar a Potrero a dos y media o a las cuatro y media. Si no tomo el bus, tengo que pagar $7 para un taxi, es caro. Marte fui a Tamarindo para surfear con tres chicas de la escuela, y tenía ... read more
Malpais beach
Sun Reflection

I was flipping through the 150 channels I get in my student residence in Flamingo, Costa Rica on a Saturday morning. I was hoping to pass the first few hours of the day laying in bed watching something mindless. A few days ago I had accomplished the same thing by watching the entirety of a movie I had never seen before, 12 Monkeys, and was hoping to have similar success. Costa Ricans are less prudish when it comes to the television and even newspaper. You might be reading about the effect of Barack Obama’s policy toward Cuba on the Costa Rican economy in the newspaper—and right next to it is a tit. Sometimes two of them. All of these distractions make the newspapers here much more difficult to read—even the ones in English. So there I ... read more

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