Sunday NFL Football in Atenas

Published: December 5th 2006
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Political parties on displayPolitical parties on displayPolitical parties on display

The different parties had booths in all the towns to remind people to vote. They even drive thru the towns to give people rides making it easier for those without transportation. NO alcohol is sold the days prior or one day after elections.
Sunday was another election day in Costa Rica. I believe this was the mayoral elections throughout the country. I could be wrong but all the signs we’ve see recently say “alcalde” and in my book that’s mayor. I had to look it up to settle a difference of opinion between Bill and I. He thought the name of all the people on the billboards was Alcalde. Yes, there are many common names throughout the country, like Smith & Jones or Gonzales & Ramirez in the states. I’m sure there is even a Juan Valdez in every town that by the way prefers Costa Rican coffee over Columbian. That’s a whole other blog. There was just no way I’d buy that every person running for election from Perez Zeledon to San Ramon was named Alcalde.

The important thing for football fans to remember about elections is to stock up on beer for your NFL Sunday Ticket ahead of time. No alcohol was sold Friday thru Monday. Our friends visiting from Tampa invited us to Atenas so Bill could watch football with the guys. The games are better when watched with other men. Callista & I just don’t get into the games like men do. While the men got into their groove the ladies traded recipes, chatted and did Christmas crafts with Callista. “Girl” stuff, the men would say. Not only is Alli the craft queen but she makes a fantastic shrimp and mango salsa. DELICIOUS! The six handed potato salad was great as well. Mom, you’ve got some competition. Mark, we liked the chicken but we’ll let you cook for us again whenever you want. We also got to meet another member of their family of friends, Joann who came down to join them for a week and liked it so much she decided to stay a little longer. Joann lives in Sedona so it was really nice talking about familiar things in Arizona.

As the day turned into evening the ladies headed to the central park for the first in a series of Sunday in the park evenings of music and entertainment. We didn’t stay long as the drive home in the dark can be rather frightening; hell it’s scary in the daytime. It turned out to be a beautiful day and night for a drive. We returned from Atenas after dark and got to see all the houses
ICE towers in BerlinICE towers in BerlinICE towers in Berlin

Looking from the Mall in San Ramon up towards our property.
lit up with Christmas lights. Costa Ricans love Christmas lights. The lights accompanied by the full moon and lack of clouds made for an enchanting ride home.

A day spent with friends is a great way to forget about all the stresses in your life. Thanks Mark, Ruth, Will, Alli and Joann for helping me to remember nothing is more important or better medicine than spending time with people who just make you feel good!

I awoke Monday morning with a new perspective on my stresses and a smile back in my heart.

Pura Vida!
Jen, Bill, Callista and Bear

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Making decorationsMaking decorations
Making decorations

Allie is the craft Queen! She even brought her glue gun for her 4 week stay.
Roadside AntiquesRoadside Antiques
Roadside Antiques

Next trip I'm stopping to buy something!
Unidentified treeUnidentified tree
Unidentified tree

We had to stop and pick a pod/fruit for later identification.
The Tampa Gang in AtenasThe Tampa Gang in Atenas
The Tampa Gang in Atenas

We had pry the guys away from the television for this picture.
Locals enjoying the musicLocals enjoying the music
Locals enjoying the music

Domingos en el parque, music in the central park. First Sundays of the month.
Bill with the LadiesBill with the Ladies
Bill with the Ladies

Joann, me, Ruth and Alli

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