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November 29th 2006
Published: November 29th 2006
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Today we drove into Escazu after Bill's dental appointment in the nearby town of Pavas. We wanted to visit the EPA store, the Costa Rican Home Depot to get ideas for the new house.

At EPA we ran into another woman we know from the San Ramon area who'd come into the city with two other couples to shop at EPA and our version of Price Club, Pricesmart. It's a small country. I got in trouble for taking pictures of the orchids in the garden center. I hope you appreciate the pics Mom. Luckily, Bill didn’t understand what the lady said so he wasn’t embarrassed.

We left EPA shortly after my scolding and decided to find a place to eat. With all the traffic Bill was thrilled we decided on a hot dog stand we'd eaten at on a previous visit. Personally, I think he was happy not having to pay the prices at Tony Roma's or TGIF's.

After lunch we decided to try and find a place our friends, new Escazu residents had told us about for excellent steaks. Hal, we need better directions. We didn't get the desired steaks but we did get a tour of
Main street EscazuMain street EscazuMain street Escazu

I don't know if it really is, it's just the one we drove into town on.
Escazu. We definitely do not want to live there!

The reasons many people choose to live there are the same reasons we choose not to. Every place we went people were speaking English, even at the hot dog stand many Tico patrons ordered in English. Funny, more people were in line for perro calientes than there were clients in the Italian restaurant next door. The traffic was crazy at noon; I can't imagine what it's like at rush hour. I lost count of the Mercedes and BMW's. We saw two Ferrari and Mazerrati dealerships, a Cartier jewelry store and too many shopping plaza’s to list. It's true you can find anything you desire in Escazu, if you can afford it.

Escazu is the right place for many people, not for us. We’re happy celebrating the arrival of the new KFC to the one San Ramon mall. Hey, it’s a big deal to us. Comfort food like KFC’s mashed potatoes with gravy and biscuits are all the luxury we need. We’ve learned it isn’t so hard not having things we used to think we couldn’t live without. We're simple folk.

Why choose the country life? All our U.S. fast food places are located in the mall. The town maintains a rural community feel not cluttered with signs competing for your fast food dollar. The only time we've experienced heavy traffic is when we get stuck in a funeral procession or when a local festival is occurring. When was the last time the clerk at your local post office diverted their attention from the people in line just to say hello and wish you a good day? That's why we choose country life. People matter here, not your money.

Pura Vida!
Jen, Bill, Callista and Bear (who stayed home today giving us the opportunity to be tourists)

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Christmas treesChristmas trees
Christmas trees

Cypress trees are used all over as arboles de navidad.

There were so many more...next time I'll have Bill distract the lady and take a bunch more pics. :)
Plaza ItskatzuPlaza Itskatzu
Plaza Itskatzu

We read ads for places here in the Tico Times, the weekly English newspaper.

And Payless shoes, this is a little outside the main city off the autopista near EPA and the hospital.
Cima HospitalCima Hospital
Cima Hospital

We've heard North Americans say they'd rather die on the way rather than use another hospital. ???

Here they're pastoras.
dog gone good hot dogsdog gone good hot dogs
dog gone good hot dogs

Yes Mom, better than Price Club! 3 great tasting ft longs, 3 sodas, one french fry $6

No, thanks.
More condosMore condos
More condos

I like the brick on the building. A golf course is in walking distance.
Car dealerships and moreCar dealerships and more
Car dealerships and more

Ferrari's and Mazerati's along with other high ticket items can be found throughout Escazu.
Bagels and HaagendazBagels and Haagendaz
Bagels and Haagendaz

Both luxury items for us country folk!
Grand EntranceGrand Entrance
Grand Entrance

To yet another condo complex.
new condo sales officenew condo sales office
new condo sales office

Yes, there is a guard right inside the door.

29th November 2006

City Mouse, Country Mouse
That's a children's play I did years ago in Key West... Let's see: who should I play???? Alas, I've always been a city girl. If I could afford Manhattan, I'd have an apartment there in, well, a New York minute! I love the country, the quiet, the scenery. That is why I like Costa Rica - even in the city here, it's still country! But not like San Ramon - it is so beautiful there! When I need a fix, I will come to you. When you all need city fixin's, come to me, ok? OH - Don Fernando. As you come down the main road past Tony Roma's, you get to Scotiabank and bear right. You will come to a tall older mall on the left - can't think of the name of it, but one of the main signs reads "Don Fernando's" and there is a movie theatre on the lower level. At the far end, there is an underground parking lot. It's 400 or 500 colones to park there but you aren't paying a guard or having to search for a place to park. Let me know if you find it - great place!!! See you mid-December - we are in Florida now, heading to Key West today. Pura vida, Jen and gang!

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