La Fortuna," Arenal Volcano" & Liberia...

Published: February 23rd 2010
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Our next stop was in La Fortuna in hope of seeing the Arenal Volcano, unfortunately La Fortuna and the Volcano are situated in the cloud forest which makes in foggy most of the time and means that a lot of people don't even get to see the volcano.
Arenal is the most active volcano in Costa Rica, on clear days you can see lava flowing out and sometimes small explosions of it! The main attraction being seeing it at night when you can see the bright orange lava in against the darkness!
From Monteverede we took the van boat van transport over the La Fortuna, its quite a pretty ride.
Our original plan was to stay for two nights see the volcano and go, our hotel was quite a long walk from town which isn't so bad but when there's nothing around... we found a little cafe place that turns into Italian restaurant at night called " cafe Vienna" and really like the food there, we then found out that they had rooms, the rooms were really nice, cheaper, and had a jacuzzi bath outside in the garden! ( each room had its own little garden with humming birds and butterflies flying around, idyllic no?) Since the clouds had not budged since our arrival we decided to give it one more chance and stay an extra night. On one of the days we went to walk in this guys "garden", he's bought a chunk of land and has been working on it for ten years planting trees creating a path in order to protect the wildlife, its a lovely gesture. He took us for a walk and showed us some birds and we also got to see a sloth with her tiny baby eating in the trees! We also got to see a different type of little red frog that i managed to get a picture of! Woohoo!
We woke up on our last day to see the clouds had still not budged and left La Fortuna truly disappointed, we had been looking forward to seeing the lava for a long time.
We decided to use "GreyLine" a tourist bus company to get to liberia as it was a complicated journey on the local buses . GrayLine did not impress me, the drivers were really rude and the driving was a bit scary
Liberia was just a stopover before crossing into Nicaragua. The B&B where we stayed for that one night though was really cool! "El Punto" used to be a school the class rooms have been transformed into six rooms, the rooms are all brightly pained and are color coded, we stayed in the "Blue Room".
Next Stop Nicaragua!


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