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This morning we got up and went to Arenal National Park for a hike on the lava flows. We were given the choice between an easy hike about one hour, or a hard hike about 2 1/2 hours. We knew we could do the long hike so that’s what we chose. The trail meandered around a lake where we spotted chestnut mandibled Toucans, Oropendolas (they make the strangest sounds... hard to describe), herons and 30 other species of bird we couldn’t identify. We also saw beetles, leaf cutter ants and a scorpion! It was over 30°, there was significant elevation, and humidity was near 100%, but Scott persevered. The views of the top were worth it, and as promised we did walk on the lava flow. It was around 1230 when we got to lunch, and ... read more

After a dreaded 5 AM wake up, we got Tiffany and Alexa to the airport successfully. Apparently they had no problems, their plane was on time, and they’re now enjoying the relative cool of Canada, including a fresh layer of snow at home.It was about 2 1/2 hours to Fortuna and we had most of the day ahead of us, so we decided to try the local hot springs. They naturally mix with the river so there’s different temperature pools so going to the hot springs in a tropical country isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Options range from free public pools to high-end and swanky. We opted for high-end and swanky. It was expensive but it was very nice and apparently the only place where the water is not treated - just routed through seemingly ... read more

Thurs 6-Fri 7 December - Day 41 to 42 - La Fortuna and return to San Jose for 1 night Our next journey took us through the mountains of the cloud forest using a combination of minivans and boats. The first leg to Lake Arenal took about one hour 30 minutes and the landscape was truly spectacular. Rolling hills eventually give way to the distant views of Arenal Volcano but we didn’t stop for photos as the clouds were very thick and low at the lookouts. Stopping by the side of the road, we walk down a dirt path to our boat on the shores of Lake Arenal. The scenery was truly stunning of the lake and we travel for approximately an hour slowly approaching Arenal Volcano. Once we reach the other side, we boarded another ... read more
We hired a motor scooter for the day in La Fortuna (2)
Arenal Lake near La Fortuna (10)
Arenal Observatory Resort and Spa (21)

Our first stop out of San Jose is one of the top destinations in Costa Rica, La Fortuna, 136km from San Jose and 4 hours by bus over the range of volcanos that stretches across the middle of the country. It’s home to Arenal, an active volcano, though you almost wouldn’t know it’s there, as for the 3 days we are here we only see a glimpse of the volcano on one day, the rest of the time it’s shrouded in cloud and down in the town we are drenched in rain. As well as the volcano and hot springs, the rainforest experience is the main attraction here and if you have the time and money there are a myriad of rainforest experiences to be had, ranging from guided nature walks to zip-lining and rafting. We ... read more

My Monday started out with a drive through the countryside - from Holstein dairy cows to fields of pineapples (seeing pineapples never gets old…sorry for the lack of pictures…it was raining) to bananas. It’s not every day you end up behind a dump truck full of pineapples or see the box of a pickup truck filled with bananas! I arrived in LaFortuna early afternoon and spent a bit of time wandering around, checked out another old church, had some very delicious quesadillas for lunch! Then I made my way further south to LaTigra to a hotel that Jon and I discovered on our last trip here - LaTigra Rainforest Lodge. I had been hoping to include it in my travels, and I booked myself 2 nights so that I’d have ample time to enjoy the rainforest ... read more

We started the day in Liberia after a restful night in the Hotel Liberia and a great traditional breakfast of rice, beans, plantains, and some delicious coffee. We wandered the streets of town, checking out the grocery and the city Chistmas tree which seemed oddly out of place on the 90 degree morning. Once we had our rental car, maps, and some snacks, we hit out for La Fortuna. Of course, no hot morning car journey is complete without stopping for cold coconut milk which we picked up at a road side stand just out of town. And we had to stop for lunch, which we had overlooking Lago Arenal and enjoyed the usual 'casado', a plate with a fish or meat, plantains, rice, beans, salad and often potato. We arrived at La Fortuna and found ... read more
Grapefruit on the porch

After breakfast, we headed to the Balsa River for some white-water rafting with Desafio Adventures. Our bus guide, made an impromptu stop at a road side grocery store where we learned about the different tropical fruits of Costa Rica and had our first taste of Coconut Water. Delicious! By the time we reached the Balsa River, our river guides had everything prepared for our white-water rafting excursion. We were provided with a helmet and paddle and after a quick safety demonstration, we were off on our white-water rafting adventure. The Rio Balsa is a class II and class III River that is regulated by daily dam releases. It is perfect for first timers like my sister, Renata. We steered our way pass various rocky rapid and enjoyed a relaxing float down the river. The rapids were ... read more
Whitewater Rafting
Whitewater Rafting
Crocodile Sighting

This morning, we headed out on our spelunking tour of Venado Cave with EcoTerra. With flashlights to light the way, and helmets for protection, we were ready for the unknown. To get to the entrance of the cave, we had to walk down a couple of slippery steps. We got a glimpse of our first and last encounter with a tiny red poison dart frog. The frog was only about an inch in length. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a picture of the frog because I left my camera and phone behind. Renata and I were told not to bring our cameras and phones because they would get wet in the cave. We walked, climbed, squeezed and crawled our way through various tight passages in the cave. I was definitely glad that I did not ... read more
Arenal Volcano Hike
Arenal Volcano Hike
Arenal Volcano Hike

Today, Renata and I are going canyoning in the Lost Canyon and horseback riding and swimming at La Fortuna Waterfall. I have never been canyoning before nor have I swam in a waterfall. Two first time adventures in one day! Our first excursion of the day was canyoning. A bumpy ride up to the Lost Canyon was rewarded with great views of the countryside. When we reached our final destination, we settled into our safety gear and after a brief safety talk, we headed to the first waterfall. Rappelling down the first waterfall, “the Baby” was a little nerve racking but once I got the hang of it, it was incredible. Renata and I rappelled down four waterfalls, jumped into pools, zipped our way on guided rappels and got soaked by rapids. The scariest part was ... read more
Horseback Riding
Horseback Riding
Rest Stop for Horses

Today, Renata and I are taking a guided hike to see the Rio Celeste Waterfall in Tenorio Volcano National Park. The Rio Celeste Waterfall is a striking waterfall that cascades down into magical turquoise blue waters. Apparently the magical blue colour of the water is attributed to the mixing of two non-colour tributaries: Rio Buenavista and Quebrada Agria. The point where the two tributaries mix is called El Tenidor, a surreal natural phenomena. The uphill hiking on uneven terrain made the day hike more difficult than I thought it would be. It was totally worth it, though. We even witnessed a cute monkey, entertaining us in the trees. After the fairly strenuous hike, we were treated to a delicious Costa Rican lunch before we headed back to our hotel. For dinner, Renata and I headed to ... read more
Rio Celeste
Rio Celeste Waterfall
Rio Celeste

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