Saturday the 7th

Published: May 8th 2022
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The day that our friends would have swapped places, but instead Jess from Indianapolis arrives.

We did some final birdwatching in the weird and wonderful “hinterlands,” of Boddentown area. In other words, we drove down graveled and dirt roads to wherever we saw bodies of water. Saw good stuff at one: little blue heron, tri-color heron, cattle egret, black & white stilt, anhinga, least tern, pied billed grebe ??? moorhen (or common gallinule if we want to sound fancy). Then we went to the Queen Elizabeth Botanical Gardens again, just to the parking lot, and the find of the day was the Governor’s official car – a fancy JAGUAR!!! with the Caymanian Flag stuck on the front and a crown where the license plate should be. My guess? He’s treating his Mum to a visit to the botanic garden for Mother’s Day tomorrow. David also got some incredible photos of his favorite bird here, the Western Spindalis. It is so gorgeous.

Then we packed up 3 lunch baps and headed off to pick up Jess. Last minute excitement – we had forgotten to give her the address here, and David had what’s apped it to her after she was in the air – and it never got to her. So we got a call from an unknown number here in the Caymans. At the time the google maps was talking to me so I was pretty flustered to answer it – and could just about understand the strong accent. “I’m calling on behalf of Jess Mertz – what address will she be staying at?” I blurted out 1545 Bodden Town Road. Afterwards we realized it’s really 1595 – maybe we should stop down at the house that really is 1545 and mention the mistake. Anyway, we soon found her with her ONLY ONE CARRY-ON BAG, and off we went to have our lunch overlooking the amazing waters at Eden Rock.

After unpacking and a short rest, we went to snorkel at Spotts Beach. Once again we were thwarted on the turtles, except that David saw one after Jess and Jean got out, but we all saw 3 stingrays. It was so lovely and warm, but quite rolling. After showering and changing, we were off to the Czech Inn for fish tacos and their amazing garlic potatoes, and shandies made with a bock called “Iron Shore.” And so, now exhausted at 830, we are soon off to bed! Hence doing this Sunday morning. Happy Mother's Day, ladies.

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