Friday the 6th

Published: May 7th 2022
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We woke up early, of course, and made it a triple snorkel day!

From closest to us to furthest, we stopped at Spotts Beach, Smith Barcadero, and Eden Rock, which has turned into our second favorite. Spotts Beach yielded a Southern Stingray and 6 turtles in the just over an hour time. When we got out we were asked by another couple if we’d seen anything, for they had not, and were suitably disappointed on their penultimate day on the island.

Smith’s is a family friendly location (with bathroom and shower and shade and tables) south of George Town. Very sandy, with a gentle entrance. Unfortunately it’s too sandy for good visibility so we only stayed there about 20 minutes before moving on.

Eden Rock was full of young people snacking and drinking, but only 6 people in the water and it was flat as a pancake. We saw the usual friends, and one turtle, a hawksbill, that must hold the world’s record for beath-holding, because it went deep and stayed down long like a whale in Iceland!

After our own snacking and drinking, we stopped by the fish market. No grouper but they had strawberry groupers, which looked like snapper. OK, we’ll given them a try. Home for lunch of our leftovers jerk-chicken from last night and some resting, and preparing for our new guest to arrive. We are still sad from the cancellations, but having Jess here will be fun.

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