Grand Cayman - 2012 Day 4

Published: June 29th 2012
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Downtown in between storesDowntown in between storesDowntown in between stores

Every one was in and out of the store.

Day 4 - Encourage the Economy

Today, we had breakfast, and began our trip to Georgetown, to help encourage the local street vendors, cafes, souvinier shops and just about everyone with their hand out.

We had free parking (worth less than $4) at the Bayshore Mall because we had an Andy's rent-a-car. There were two boats in the harbor, so lots of folks were ashore. A visit with Launa, the jeweler that we met in September, recognized us and said today the people were very rude. She didn't know where the boats were from, but I did see the Carnival Magic from Galveston in port. The other Carnival was a smaller ship.

We visited with her, and went to the shop where we had bought some stuff last trip, and it had moved, wasn't the same shop, and had a lot less stuff, with not so friendly prices. So, we continued to check all the shops out.

All that shoping makes one hungry, so we crossed the stree, and ate at the Paradise Restaurant watching the boats while we ate.

After lunch, we drove down the road towards home, so the kids could check out a
Lunch at ParadiseLunch at ParadiseLunch at Paradise

With Magic out in the dock.
beach they thought was interesting. They swam, and snorkled for a couple of hours while Granny, Austin and I went to the store to get more supplies for tonight. On the menu for tonight was appetiser of buffalo wings, followed by broiled fish, broccoli and sliced potatoes with onions, garlic and seasonings.

On our way to the store, we talked about stopping at the Cayman Island Brewery. Being a home brew fan, since the brewery was less than 1/4 mile from the market, we stopped in. Tours happen on the hour, opps, it is 2:15. Garrett was watching the Germany/Italy soccer, excuse me, football game. (We left it 2-0 Italy. The Brewmeister and others are German. They were watching at a place down the road, and probably not in good humor). Rather than send us away, when he found out I was a home brewer, Garrett decided to walk us around himself and give us the tour, with sample taste of the brews they make before we hit the place where it all happens.

We thanked him, bought the groceries, took them home, and went back to pick up the swimmers.

Not too many pictures today, but what we have shows the activity of today.

Additional photos below
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Garrett showing us the bottling lineGarrett showing us the bottling line
Garrett showing us the bottling line

Bottling and canning happen on this line. Final stage

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