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Happy Holidays! Happy Holidays! Happy Holidays!

Celebrating the season with a real Christmas tree with Norwegian flags and all! We even used a flag in the top instead of a star. We love it! From Left: Joachim, Nina and Veronika
Happy holidays everybody! Hope you all are having some nice relaxing days with some good fun as well. Celebrating the holiday season here on Saba is a nice warm experience. Veronika, a friend visiting from Norway came down just a few days before Christmas we had the privilege of having Pinnekjott and Aquavit for dinner on Christmas eve. Living away from Norway this is a real treat, so loads of thanks to Veronika for bringing it all down here. (And all the Christmas presents from Nina’s family)

It has been a long time since we posted something on the blog, not that we don’t do anything it is just that we now in Caribbean time.

Cathy and Jeremy visiting from London
Miss you guys when you left! It was great to have you over, we still remember the fantastic taste of good cheese and Joachim even bought a new bottle of Port just in case there is some more cheese appearing from somewhere. 😊 Cathy has uploaded some very nice pictures from the trip on

Suriname Day
We have a friend who is from this little country on in the north of South America. Suriname celebrates independence
Leaving Due for Karin and Ken in the VoretexLeaving Due for Karin and Ken in the VoretexLeaving Due for Karin and Ken in the Voretex

We miss you guys over here on Saba, but hope you are having bunches of fun where you are at now! From back left: Karen, Joachim, Karin, Ken, Cathy and Jeremy. Steve, Nina and Beto in the front.
day on the 25th of November and we joined them in the park in Windwardside. Denise even made some food and we had a great picnic. We loved it! We’ll come again next year! 😉

Saba Day - which is celebrated over a long weekend
When they celebrate Saba day they do it properly! Friday was a day off for most people and in the evening it was music in down in the capital, The Bottom, with free entrance with free food and drinks! Was a great night. The rest of the weekend Fort Bay was the happening spot, with lots of food, drinks and live music.

St. Eustatius (Statia) - Touring around the island in the back of a pickup truck and drag racing
We have been two trips over to the neighbouring island in the South. On both occasions we went over with Michel and his lobster boat Saba Lady, cheers for that mate we will make sure there is always enough Heineken for the crossings 😉. The first time we spent time to get to know the locals as well as took a drive around on the island. It is not as green as Saba, but it has a large volcano crater that is pretty neat. The second time we went over we went for the quad bike and motorcycle drag racing, it was good fun to watch the race in on a strait road crossing trough the fields of grassing cows. Find more information about St. Eustatius on the official tourist website.

St. Maarten - Shopping
Shop till you drop on the island in the north/west. Here on Saba we don’t have a very large selection of merchandise and groceries so going to large supermarkets is a special event! On the last trip with Michel and Saba lady the water was completely flat both when we left Saba before sunrise and when we came back in the sunset. On the way back we also saw dolphins on three occasions! Fantastic! St.Maarten is a busy place with lots of cruise boat tourism, so we don’t spent too much time over there.

Friends leaving
We are always sad to see people go, this time Ken and Karin went onto new adventures, one to Asia and the other back to Cayman islands. We miss you guys over here and look forward to catch up with

It was a beautiful trip from St.Maaten to Saba on the lobster boat Saba Lady.
you somewhere out there! And we have not forgotten than you would like some Vortex t-shirts, hopefully they should be ready soon 😊

New pictures will be available soon on

Season greetings to all of you and hope you will have a happy new year with lots of new adventures and fun!

Nina and Joachim

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Cathy and Jeremy at Swining Doors..Cathy and Jeremy at Swining Doors..
Cathy and Jeremy at Swining Doors..

Yes, we did have Eddie's ribs for $10 and they where fantastic as usual.

2nd January 2008

greetings from london
Hey thanks for having us over there in saba - we had such a great time! Say hi to everyone in the vortex, we miss them all. Happy new year! CJ x
17th January 2008

Drag queen!
Hey joachim and Nina, just read your email. Happy new year quys, all the best for 08. jOACHIM, you do look fetching in a dress! I always knew you had aspirations to be a drag queen;! Sheena, Moss and the crew in Ireland. xoxo

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