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Wednesday July 3 - I did not sleep that well last night, maybe because I knew I had to get up early today. I still wasn’t sure exactly how long it would take me to get to the police station by 8:00 to check in for the boat to Saba this morning, so I ended up getting up at 5am and catching a bus at 6:45. I got there just after 7:00. So, too early indeed. There was nowhere to sit and very little shade, so I took a quick walk to try to see the marina, but the view I found was poor. I came back and just stood in some shade and read my book. A little after 7:30 someone else arrived, and we started talking. He is retired and was going to Saba ... read more
St Maarten
The Edge II boat

Following New Year's Eve, a series of events led to our final breakup and Joachim's departure from Saba in late January, without Nina. Although many of you know of the details, I, Joachim, thought it would be good to make a entry in the blog to update everyone on this. I will look back fondly on the adventure of 2007 and the days I spent pretty much every hour with Nina at work or at play. 2008 will be a new chapter for us with new adventures however. I have started another blog at to which you can subscribe if you prefer to follow along. My new email is Nina's most current email now is ... read more

Happy holidays everybody! Hope you all are having some nice relaxing days with some good fun as well. Celebrating the holiday season here on Saba is a nice warm experience. Veronika, a friend visiting from Norway came down just a few days before Christmas we had the privilege of having Pinnekjott and Aquavit for dinner on Christmas eve. Living away from Norway this is a real treat, so loads of thanks to Veronika for bringing it all down here. (And all the Christmas presents from Nina’s family) It has been a long time since we posted something on the blog, not that we don’t do anything it is just that we now in Caribbean time. Cathy and Jeremy visiting from London Miss you guys when you left! It was great to have you over, we still ... read more
Leaving Due for Karin and Ken in the Voretex
Tonny and the boys playing for Saba Days.

Saba... I used to live on that tiny little rock in the Caribbean between March 2006 and May 2007 when working for Saba Divers and Scouts Place in their office...managing people´s holiday...and fell in love with it. People are friendly and soon I became part of the community. They used to call me the Saba Newspaper as they got all the gossip live and fresh from the front office along with their Chippie telephone card *inside joke*. I was lucky to live with the chef, Tjeerd, in a staff house which everyone knew as the Villa Pearl White * famous for the porch parties* and the goats and sheep in front of it. Well, Saba is famous for diving but besides it has a variety of beautiful hiking trails to offer. Rain forest and breath taking ... read more
Sandra Lönnig
Sandra Lönnig
Sandra Lönnig

Diving! We guide and point out stuff underwater and sometimes we can take our camera with us too. We are very happy with the diving here, but need to get some warmer wet suits as we tend to get cold in the end of our dives... and it is 29 celcius! We meet for dinners often. Not too long ago we had a curry night! As Dai's leaving doo we had about 12 people over for curry. We were planning to have it outside, but the rain moved us all inside. I think we all would agree it was a fine cosy night with good food, good red wine and Canada participated with the music! Thank you Ken and Joachim. Most of the people joining this night were dive instructors from around the world; Canada, France, ... read more
The Canadian jam'in guys
Trail up to Mt.Scenery - 877 meter
Joachim taking picture of a seahorse

Last week we had our first lobster dinner her on the rock and it was FANTASTIC! First and foremost we have to thank Lobster fisherman Michel for bringing the lobsters! Second we have to talk about how to and what you need and how to go about this lobster dinner making thing. 1. Get a hold of some fresh lobsters! For us this was easy since Michel asked us if we liked to make some lobsters at our place. The fishermen here on Saba go fishing on the Saba banks that is about 2hrs out from the island (we didn't pick them off the dive sites!). They they keep the lobsters in traps down at the harbor and bring them over to St.Maarten about once a week. So Michel brought 4 1 and 1/2 to 2 ... read more
Perfect size for cooking
Killing the lobster
Michel with the all important hammer

I've been on Saba now for a while, and there are a lot of things I still have to do and see before I leave. I've already hiked some of the smaller trails, including Spring Bay, Sulfur Mines, Crispeen, and the Ladder. But one trail that has been on my list for a while was Mt. Scenery. You can't come to Saba without hiking it; it's like eating cereal without milk or celebrating the 4th of July without fireworks or washing clothes without detergent - well, you get the idea. It's the mother of all the Saban trails, standing at an altitude of 3,000 feet. The other neat thing about Mt. Scenery is that it's the tallest peak in the Netherlands-Antilles region of the Caribbean. So some friends and I decided to finally hike the trail ... read more
What in the World is That?
The Tower
The Volcanic Crater

Time flies and we are not getting around to writing blogs as often, so let’s try to catch up! Living at Saba Living here in the Caribbean we have all doors and windows open and the other day a goat wandered into our living room.After taking a picture we tried to “shhuuee” it out it did what goat’s does, jumping and kicking its back legs! Luckily it did not hit either laptops or tv! Refurbishing one of the boats in St. Maarten We spent four days in Simpson bay in St. Maarten refurbishing one of the dive boats. It was hard work doing all the sanding, painting and fixing of this and that, but we did get out for some good food every night! We stayed at the Azure Guesthouse owned by fellow divers Mike and ... read more
Goat in our flat
Hiking on Sandy Cruise trail
Get'n the boat back in the water

Blog Entry: 17th of August Hurricane Dean has now passed south of us and all we got was a bit of rain and wind as well as a few hours without electricity. Looking at the path and strength of Dean we pray for the people and hope damage will be a minimum. Blog Entry: 16th of August Dean should get up to Hurricane level 2 but the forecast is such that Dean should pass south of us, so we should "only" get the winds and the rain. Saying that all the boats are now either moved to safe harbor or lifted out of the water as the waves/wind should be coming from the south and hit straight on the harbor. As you know we have already boarded up the Dive shop, which turns out to be ... read more
Leaving Saba before sunrise to get the boats over to St.Maarten
Boat's secured!
. what can we was a pretty long day....

It has already been over a week since we came down to this 13 square km island - and things are going well! The first week has been filled with getting to know the locals and the island, carnival, moving house... Work-wise we have been diving and trying to learn everything about the dive boat as we are going to be skippers one day - but we talk more about work stuff in another blog. To start from the beginning - the trip from Ancaster to Saba We got up at 0130 in the morning to ensure we have time for a coffee before we started our trip to Toronto. Mo was even up to wave us good bye, Klaus was our driver and took us all the way to departures at Toronto airport. We wanted ... read more
Our new hometown: Winwardside
Great costumes at the Carneval!
Carneval at Saba !

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