Day 1 and 2

Published: February 2nd 2010
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ropre manropre manropre man

he dances with ropes not wolves
ok well this is how it starts. We made it just fine from Hartford to San Juan and then it all went to hell. Our plane to take us to Tortola had a problem with the auto pilot computer and we had to de-plane. Please tell us why we need auto pilot for a 30 minute flight!!!! We were delayed 2 hours and made it to the last ferry to Jost Van Dyke with minutes to spare. Our groceries went over on the 4 pm boat...all 14 we didn't have to deal with that. We walked downhill to have dinner at Foxy's...the red snapper was out of this world. Rope man was there...we confirmed it was him with the fish handshake.

At around 11:00 after a VERY long day of travel, then dinner, drinks (the Painkillers were awesome - from what we remember) we WALKED home - all up hill!! Of course, Lisa cheated and just hung on to Fred's shirt tail for help. David threatened to die multiple times but he didn't. We made it home safely and vowed to do it again...heart attacks be damned.

Awoke to a beautiful day....spent hours on the beach. Had a great dinner at the Soggy Dollar and spent way too much time trying upload one friggin photo to this stupid blog. Catch ya later!


2nd February 2010

Hi Everyone, So glad u all made it there safely, hopefully my day of travel wont be so eventful - we are do to get a few snow showers tomorrow - don't think there will be enough to effect my flights. Having vacationed with all of u I can picture the trek back up the hill LOL
2nd February 2010

Too Funny
I had no idea that San Juan was renamed "Hell". It pretty much is, if one doesn't speak Spanish or Spanglish. And it sounds like the Painkillers were much needed. I think instead of the "South Beach" (or more aptly proclaimed "South Bitch, because that's all one does when they are on it is bitch) Diet, a Jost Van Dyke diet is more appropriate for us "older folks". On a techie note -- try resizing your photos before uploading, to like 640x480 or smaller. Should cut down on the upload time. :)
2nd February 2010

Nice pictures
Where's Borat? Has he shown up yet? Rope man better watch out. The kids are fine. Love you, Donna and Bill
2nd February 2010

We're freezing up here while you're cavorting in the sun. We'll try to suck it up and be happy for you! Enjoy!
6th February 2010

techie advice
thanks for the tip. We've finally got this figured out and resizing photos really helped a lot.

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