Hanging around San Pedro

Published: June 23rd 2017
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Geo: 17.92, -87.96

Relaxing? Again? I guess that is what you could say we did in San Pedro today. Similar to Caye Caulker, the locals all drive golf carts. The big difference is that due to the size of the island, there are golf carts everywhere. There were so many we witnessed golf cart traffic jams and we were nearly run down several times. What do you do when everyone else is driving golf carts? Of course, you get one of your own. Once again we went on a crazy golf cart adventure exploring the town. Past fruit stands and locals selling their crafts, the local airport runway in the middle of town, and the large primary school surrounded by a wall where we witnessed a chubby 10 year old making his break for it over the top while hiding amoung the chaos, we headed South. After some pot holes and speed bumps, we reached the southern end of the island and witnessed either an iguana fight or an iguana romance, I will have to check the interrnet to determine which it was. The ride South took up much of the rental time, so we headed back to return the now mud
Golf Cart CentralGolf Cart CentralGolf Cart Central

Golf carts everywhere. Even the taxi's were golf carts.
covered cart. Thinking we had covered most of the island, we later looked at a map. It was only then that we realized this island extends all the way to Mexico and is only separated by a cut across the island that the Mayans made. We spent some time the remainder of the afternoon watching the world cup and hanging out with our new man we called the flying man. I think the flying man will make a lasting impression as you will notice from the photos I am including. We look forward with much anticipation to our day tomorrow and the lobster we will be catching and fish we will be catching.

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The beauty of the seaThe beauty of the sea
The beauty of the sea

What can I say. Turquois water, gorgeous!!!
Flying manFlying man
Flying man

We met this very interesting character at our local hangout. You can never judge people by the way they look. Well, sometimes you can, ha ha.

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