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Ever since arriving in Belize, I have been bombarded with the propaganda of the Whale Shark. It’s such an elusive giant, it’s found in only a handful of places on our planet, and it’s migratory and reproduction habits are only guessed. But some things are known for sure, like each spring during the weeks of the full moon they visit the Belize Barrier Reef at Gladden Spit to feed on the spawning snapper’s roe. These majestic fish can grow up to 40 feet long and weigh over 20 tons, although they are usually only the size of a school bus.  This wonder of the world is right here in our backyard, and we were not going to miss it! Anne, Steve, their visiting daughter Katy, Aly, Zach, and Tyler and I all picked the 3rd ... read more
Whale Shark Belize 014
Anne and Steve!
Whale Shark Belize 017

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