Planes, Boats, and Big Teeth

Published: November 12th 2007
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Dearest Scurvy Landlubbers,

You find us in deepest darkest Pirate land. Belize was formed by a colony of British pirate types who'd grown tired of sailing the seven seas, and had run out of limbs to lose in the midst of various daring dos.

But, like an over-eager drum and bass DJ, I think we need a rewind. If you caught Nat's last blog, we left Mexico late last week. For my take, Chichen Itza was impressive, but I'm not sure how it got it's 7th Wonder status, over say Palenque, which is maybe less well preserved, but makes up for it with incredible jungle setting. P'raps the Itzen-ites bribed Wonder Woman somehow (I'm fairly sure she had the casting vote). Also, I enjoyed Tulum, but the cabin in which we resided in was over-run with bloody NATURE. Please, nature, if you're listening, STOP EATING ME. I AM A VEGETARIAN. I ONLY EAT THE QUIET PLANTY ONES. SO KEEP YOUR FREAKING BUZZY TROOPS OFF ME.

I've said enough nice things about Mexico, so here's a minor gripe. Please Mr Mexico Bus head honcho, if you're reading this (as I suspect), please buy some new films. We were in
Air Maya IslandAir Maya IslandAir Maya Island

Erm, 'retro' would be the polite way to describe it!
your great country for about 3 weeks, and got to see the same 3 films on rotation: some random Bruce Willis cop thing, the new Lohan Herbie movie (dubbed, thus robbed of it's dramatic impact), and some animated thing about a bear and his stag friend. They all unquestionably sucked.

Anyway, as you'll know from Natalie's blog, we crossed over into Corozal hoping to get an early boat to Caye Caulker (nice little island near the coral reef). Unfortunately the boat was laid out for three weeks due to "wet paint", leaving us with no option but to take a flight with Maya Island Air.

This was quite an experience... Turning up about 20mins before the flight was due to depart (and without a ticket) turned out to be no obstacle to getting on board (Koko, this is an airline made for you). The plane sat about 8 people, including a suspiciously relaxed pilot in scruffy Adidas trainers. Regrettably there was no time for so much as a G&T or a tin foil wrapped cheese sarnie in the 10mins it took to fly to the island.

Since we've been here, we've been having quite a good time.
About to flyAbout to flyAbout to fly

Looking nervous...
Yesterday saw us both leap from a sail boat into shark infested waters. This was not nearly as scary as I thought it would be, but this is due in part to the fact that the guide neglected to mention until after the snorkel trip that his mate had been attacked by a nurse shark and had to go to hospital only a few months previous. This is fine though, because he'd apparently "really pissed the shark off". One can only wonder as to how, but given the way our guide took to taunting them, grabbing fins etc, that he must of done something really bad - subjected him to the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie perhaps.

I'll shut up now, as I'm rambling. Suffice to say more dive school tomorrow (today was dull in a way that I've not experienced since the last time I got off the tube at Moorgate), but we're actually going in the water tomorrow, so fingers crossed.

Laters Alligators
Sub Aqua Si

Additional photos below
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Our noble steedOur noble steed
Our noble steed

You can't see the gaffer tape from this distance...
Lost in Caye CulkerLost in Caye Culker
Lost in Caye Culker

Cheesy sign, cheesy photo!

15th November 2007

Maya Air sounds like Scotair without the shortbread. Try not to annoy any sharks, I hear they get particularly annoyed if you mistake them from dolphins. Rosie x

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